com.lucidera.farrago Integrates LucidDB into Farrago.
com.lucidera.farrago.fennel Defines the native interface used for loading LucidEra Fennel components.
com.lucidera.farrago.namespace.flatfile Deprecated package replaced by net.sf.farrago.namespace.flatfile.
com.lucidera.farrago.test Contains test for components contributed to Farrago by LucidEra, Inc.
com.lucidera.jdbc Provides LucidDB-specific JDBC drivers.
com.lucidera.lcs Defines the LucidDB column-store local data wrapper implementation.
com.lucidera.lurql Deprecated package replaced by org.eigenbase.lurql.
com.lucidera.opt Defines the heuristic optimizer to determine optimal join ordering and to insert semijoins into a query tree.
com.lucidera.opt.test Contains tests for the LucidDB optimizer.
com.lucidera.query Implements LucidDb query processing.
com.lucidera.runtime Provides LucidDB-specific runtime support for query execution.
com.lucidera.type Provides LucidDB-specific datatype support.
net.sf.farrago Top-level package containing all Farrago subpackages.
net.sf.farrago.catalog Implements the Farrago metadata catalog.
net.sf.farrago.catalog.codegen Provides build-time utilities for generating code from the repository model.
net.sf.farrago.db Implements the top-level database container together with generic session/statement management.
net.sf.farrago.ddl Defines classes representing Farrago DDL and control statements.
net.sf.farrago.ddl.gen Defines classes that generate DDL from catalog objects.
net.sf.farrago.defimpl Defines the default component set for the Farrago reference implementation.
net.sf.farrago.fennel Defines the native interface used for accessing Fennel storage from Java.
net.sf.farrago.fennel.calc Builds programs for the Fennel calculator.
net.sf.farrago.fennel.rel Defines relational expressions and rules for Fennel's physical algebra.
net.sf.farrago.fennel.tuple This package provides a pure-Java version of the C++-based fennel Tuple Library.
net.sf.farrago.jdbc Provides common classes shared by both the client and engine sides of the Farrago JDBC driver.
net.sf.farrago.jdbc.client Implements the client side of the Farrago JDBC driver.
net.sf.farrago.jdbc.engine Implements the Farrago JDBC driver as an SQL engine.
net.sf.farrago.jdbc.param Provide classes for implementing dynamic parameters for the Farrago JDBC driver.
net.sf.farrago.jdbc.rmi Declares the remote interfaces by which the RMI JDBC client classes communicate with the RMI server.
net.sf.farrago.namespace Defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for extending the namespaces known by Farrago to cover external sources of data.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.flatfile Defines a Farrago namespace implementation for reading table data from flat files.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.ftrs Defines a Farrago namespace implementation for accessing data stored locally in the Fennel Transactional Row Store (FTRS) format.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.impl Provides generic partial implementations for the interfaces in net.sf.farrago.namespace.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.jdbc Defines a Farrago namespace implementation for accessing data through JDBC.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.mdr Defines a Farrago namespace implementation for accessing metadata stored in an MDR repository.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.mock Defines a mock Farrago namespace implementation which generates non-persistent table data for use in testing activities such as benchmarking.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.mql Defines a Farrago SQL/MED namespace implementation for MQL.
net.sf.farrago.namespace.util Provides utilities for managing the objects defined by net.sf.farrago.namespace.
net.sf.farrago.ojrex Defines Farrago-specific OpenJava code-generating implementations for abstract row expressions.
net.sf.farrago.parser Defines the Farrago SQL parser.
net.sf.farrago.parser.impl Contains generated code for the Farrago SQL parser.
net.sf.farrago.plannerviz Defines a Farrago plugin for planner visualization.
net.sf.farrago.plugin Defines Farrago plugin infrastructure.
net.sf.farrago.primitivetypes Defines the MOF PrimitiveTypesPackage (generated by MDR).
net.sf.farrago.query Implements Farrago query processing.
net.sf.farrago.release Contains Farrago release property definitions.
net.sf.farrago.resource Defines resources used for Farrago internationalization.
net.sf.farrago.rng Contains class definitions for the Farrago RNG example.
net.sf.farrago.rng.parserimpl Contains generated parser code for the Farrago RNG example.
net.sf.farrago.rng.resource Contains resource definitions for the Farrago RNG example.
net.sf.farrago.rngmodel Defines the metamodel for the RNG plugin example.
net.sf.farrago.runtime Provides runtime support for Farrago query execution.
net.sf.farrago.server Defines a top-level container for Farrago running as a standalone network server.
net.sf.farrago.session Defines the Farrago session management interfaces.
net.sf.farrago.session.mock Minimal object definitions suitable for either testing or using the parser/validator in a standalone fashion.
net.sf.farrago.syslib Package containing Java implementations for generic system management/internal UDR's and UDX's.
net.sf.farrago.test Contains Farrago unit tests.
net.sf.farrago.test.concurrent Contains concurrency tests for Farrago.
net.sf.farrago.test.jdbc Contains unit tests for the Farrago JDBC driver.
net.sf.farrago.test.regression Contains Farrago regression tests.
net.sf.farrago.trace Defines Farrago trace loggers and levels.
net.sf.farrago.type Defines Farrago-specific datatype support.
net.sf.farrago.type.runtime Defines runtime support for Farrago-specific datatypes.
net.sf.farrago.util Contains miscellaneous Farrago utility classes.
org.eigenbase.dmv Defines a Dependency/dataflow Metadata Visualization (DMV) framework.
org.eigenbase.inventory Defines the Eigenbase component inventory framework via annotations.
org.eigenbase.javac Provides compilers for Java code.
org.eigenbase.jdbc4 Provides source compatibility gunk when building a JDBC 4.0 driver implementation against JDK 1.5.
org.eigenbase.jmi Provides classes for accessing JMI metadata.
org.eigenbase.jmi.mem Provides an in-memory implementation for JMI.
org.eigenbase.lurql Defines the LURQL query language and a default implementation based on the JMI reflective interface.
org.eigenbase.lurql.parser Defines a JavaCC parser for the LURQL query language.
org.eigenbase.oj Provides a bridge between the OpenJava model of Java syntax and the Saffron relational optimizer.
org.eigenbase.oj.rel Defines Java code-generating implementations for abstract relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.oj.rex Defines OpenJava code-generating implementations for abstract row expressions.
org.eigenbase.oj.stmt Defines classes for preparation and execution of OpenJava SQL.
org.eigenbase.oj.util Defines utilities for manipulating OpenJava expressions.
org.eigenbase.rel Defines relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.rel.convert Defintes relational expressions and rules for converting between calling conventions.
org.eigenbase.rel.jdbc Contains query transformation rules relating to generating SQL for foreign JDBC databases.
org.eigenbase.rel.metadata Defines metadata interfaces and utilities for relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.rel.rules Defines relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.relopt Defines interfaces for constructing rule-based optimizers of relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.relopt.hep Provides a heuristic planner implementation for the interfaces in org.eigenbase.relopt.
org.eigenbase.relopt.volcano Optimizes relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.reltype Defines a type system for relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.resource Defines resources used for Eigenbase internationalization.
org.eigenbase.rex Provides a language for representing row-expressions.
org.eigenbase.runtime Defines classes used by generated Eigenbase classes at runtime.
org.eigenbase.sarg Provides a class library for representing arguments to index searches, also known as sargs.
org.eigenbase.sql Provides an SQL parser and object model.
org.eigenbase.sql.advise Provides hints and corrections to a partially-formed SQL statement or invalid SQL statement that is edited in the SQL editor user-interface. Defines the set of standard SQL row-level functions and operators.
org.eigenbase.sql.parser Provides a SQL parser.
org.eigenbase.sql.parser.impl Contains generated code for the Eigenbase SQL parser.
org.eigenbase.sql.pretty Provides a pretty-printer for SQL statements.
org.eigenbase.sql.test Regression tests for the SQL model.
org.eigenbase.sql.type SQL type system.
org.eigenbase.sql.util Utility classes for the SQL object model, parsing, and validation.
org.eigenbase.sql.validate SQL validation.
org.eigenbase.sql2rel Translates a SQL parse tree to relational expression.
org.eigenbase.stat Defines interfaces related to statistics about data sets produced by relational expressions.
org.eigenbase.test Eigenbase regression tests.
org.eigenbase.test.concurrent A framework for concurrent jdbc unit tests.
org.eigenbase.trace Tracing services.
org.eigenbase.util Provides utility classes.
org.eigenbase.util.mapping Provides utility classes. Provides type-safe access to system properties.
org.eigenbase.util14 Provides utility classes for use from code which must remain source compatible with JDK 1.4.