Package net.sf.farrago.rng

Contains class definitions for the Farrago RNG example.


Class Summary
FarragoRngDdlHandler FarragoRngDdlHandler defines handler methods for random number generator DDL.
FarragoRngImplementorTable FarragoRngImplementorTable extends FarragoOJRexImplementorTable with code generation for the NEXT_RANDOM_INT operator.
FarragoRngNextRandomIntOperator FarragoRngNextRandomIntOperator defines the SqlOperator for the NEXT_RANDOM_INT pseudo-function.
FarragoRngOperatorTable FarragoRngOperatorTable extends SqlStdOperatorTable with the NEXT_RANDOM_INT operator provided by the RNG plugin.
FarragoRngParser FarragoRngParser is the public wrapper for the JavaCC-generated RngParser.
FarragoRngPluginFactory FarragoRngPluginFactory implements the FarragoSessionPersonalityFactory interface by producing session personality instances capable of understanding RNG DDL statements.
FarragoRngUDR FarragoRngUDR contains implementations for the user-defined routine portion of the RNG plugin example.

Package net.sf.farrago.rng Description

Contains class definitions for the Farrago RNG example.

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