Class FarragoRngNextRandomIntOperator

  extended by org.eigenbase.sql.SqlOperator
      extended by org.eigenbase.sql.SqlFunction
          extended by net.sf.farrago.rng.FarragoRngNextRandomIntOperator

public class FarragoRngNextRandomIntOperator
extends SqlFunction

FarragoRngNextRandomIntOperator defines the SqlOperator for the NEXT_RANDOM_INT pseudo-function.

$Id: //open/dev/farrago/examples/rng/src/net/sf/farrago/rng/ $
John V. Sichi

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.eigenbase.sql.SqlOperator
MaxPrec, NL
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void unparse(SqlWriter writer, SqlNode[] operands, int leftPrec, int rightPrec)
          Writes a SQL representation of a call to this operator to a writer, including parentheses if the operators on either side are of greater precedence.
 void validateCall(SqlCall call, SqlValidator validator, SqlValidatorScope scope, SqlValidatorScope operandScope)
          Validates a call to this operator.
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deriveType, getFunctionType, getNameAsId, getParamTypes, getSqlIdentifier, getSyntax, isQuantifierAllowed, validateQuantifier
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Constructor Detail


public FarragoRngNextRandomIntOperator()
Method Detail


public void validateCall(SqlCall call,
                         SqlValidator validator,
                         SqlValidatorScope scope,
                         SqlValidatorScope operandScope)
Description copied from class: SqlOperator
Validates a call to this operator.

This method should not perform type-derivation or perform validation related related to types. That is done later, by SqlOperator.deriveType(SqlValidator, SqlValidatorScope, SqlCall). This method should focus on structural validation.

A typical implementation of this method first validates the operands, then performs some operator-specific logic. The default implementation just validates the operands.

This method is the default implementation of SqlCall.validate(org.eigenbase.sql.validate.SqlValidator, org.eigenbase.sql.validate.SqlValidatorScope); but note that some sub-classes of SqlCall never call this method.

validateCall in class SqlFunction
call - the call to this operator
validator - the active validator
scope - validator scope
operandScope - validator scope in which to validate operands to this call; usually equal to scope, but not always because some operators introduce new scopes
See Also:
SqlNode.validateExpr(SqlValidator, SqlValidatorScope), SqlOperator.deriveType(SqlValidator, SqlValidatorScope, SqlCall)


public void unparse(SqlWriter writer,
                    SqlNode[] operands,
                    int leftPrec,
                    int rightPrec)
Description copied from class: SqlOperator
Writes a SQL representation of a call to this operator to a writer, including parentheses if the operators on either side are of greater precedence.

The default implementation of this method delegates to SqlSyntax.unparse(org.eigenbase.sql.SqlWriter, org.eigenbase.sql.SqlOperator, org.eigenbase.sql.SqlNode[], int, int).

unparse in class SqlFunction