Package org.eigenbase.sql2rel

Translates a SQL parse tree to relational expression.


Interface Summary
DefaultValueFactory DefaultValueFactory supplies default values for INSERT, UPDATE, and NEW.
SqlNodeToRexConverter Converts expressions from SqlNode to RexNode.
SqlRexContext Contains the context necessary for a SqlRexConvertlet to convert a SqlNode expression into a RexNode.
SqlRexConvertlet Thunk which converts a SqlNode expression into a RexNode expression.
SqlRexConvertletTable Collection of SqlRexConvertlets.
SubqueryConverter SubqueryConverter provides the interface for classes that convert subqueries into equivalent expressions.

Class Summary
ReflectiveConvertletTable Implementation of SqlRexConvertletTable which uses reflection to call any method of the form public RexNode convertXxx(ConvertletContext, SqlNode) or public RexNode convertXxx(ConvertletContext, SqlOperator, SqlCall).
RelDecorrelator RelDecorrelator replaces all correlated expressions(corExp) in a relational expression (RelNode) tree with non-correlated expressions that are produced from joining the RelNode that produces the corExp with the RelNode that references it.
RelStructuredTypeFlattener RelStructuredTypeFlattener removes all structured types from a tree of relational expressions.
SqlNodeToRexConverterImpl Standard implementation of SqlNodeToRexConverter.
SqlToRelConverter Converts a SQL parse tree (consisting of SqlNode objects) into a relational algebra expression (consisting of RelNode objects).
SqlToRelConverter.LookupContext Context to find a relational expression to a field offset.
SqlToRelConverter.SchemaCatalogReader A SchemaCatalogReader looks up catalog information from a schema object.
StandardConvertletTable Standard implementation of SqlRexConvertletTable.

Package org.eigenbase.sql2rel Description

Translates a SQL parse tree to relational expression.


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