Package org.eigenbase.sql.validate

SQL validation.


Interface Summary
AggregatingScope An extension to the SqlValidatorScope interface which indicates that the scope is aggregating.
SqlMoniker An interface of an object identifier that represents a SqlIdentifier
SqlValidator Validates the parse tree of a SQL statement, and provides semantic information about the parse tree.
SqlValidatorCatalogReader Supplies catalog information for SqlValidator.
SqlValidatorNamespace A namespace describes the relation returned by a section of a SQL query.
SqlValidatorScope Name-resolution scope.
SqlValidatorTable Supplies a SqlValidator with the metadata for a table.
SqlValidatorWithHints Extends SqlValidator to allow discovery of useful data such as fully qualified names of sql objects, alternative valid sql objects that can be used in the SQL statement (dubbed as hints)

Class Summary
AbstractNamespace Abstract implementation of SqlValidatorNamespace.
AggChecker Visitor which throws an exception if any component of the expression is not a group expression.
AggFinder Visitor which looks for an aggregate function inside a tree of SqlNode objects.
AggregatingSelectScope Scope for resolving identifers within a SELECT statement which has a GROUP BY clause.
AliasNamespace Namespace for an AS t(c1, c2, ...) clause.
CollectNamespace Namespace for COLLECT and TABLE constructs.
CollectScope The name-resolution context for expression inside a multiset call.
DelegatingNamespace An implementation of SqlValidatorNamespace that delegates all methods to an underlying object.
DelegatingScope A scope which delegates all requests to its parent scope.
DelegatingSqlValidatorCatalogReader Implementation of SqlValidatorCatalogReader that passes all calls to a parent catalog reader.
DelegatingSqlValidatorTable Implements SqlValidatorTable by delegating to a parent table.
EmptyScope Deviant implementation of SqlValidatorScope for the top of the scope stack.
FieldNamespace Implementation of SqlValidatorNamespace for a field of a record.
IdentifierNamespace Namespace whose contents are defined by the type of an identifier.
JoinNamespace Namespace representing the row type produced by joining two relations.
JoinScope The name-resolution context for expression inside a JOIN clause.
ListScope Abstract base for a scope which is defined by a list of child namespaces and which inherits from a parent scope.
OrderByScope Represents the name-resolution context for expressions in an ORDER BY clause.
OverScope The name-resolution scope of a OVER clause.
ParameterNamespace Namespace representing the type of a dynamic parameter.
ParameterScope A scope which contains nothing besides a few parameters.
ProcedureNamespace Namespace whose contents are defined by the result of a call to a user-defined procedure.
SelectNamespace Namespace offered by a subquery.
SelectScope The name-resolution scope of a SELECT clause.
SetopNamespace Namespace based upon a set operation (UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT).
SqlIdentifierMoniker An implementation of SqlMoniker that encapsulates the normalized name information of a SqlIdentifier.
SqlMonikerComparator A general-purpose implementation of Comparator to compare SqlMoniker values.
SqlMonikerImpl A generic implementation of SqlMoniker.
SqlScopedShuttle Refinement to SqlShuttle which maintains a stack of scopes.
SqlValidator.Compatible Deprecated. This class is for backwards-compatibility with the previous incarnation of SqlConformance.
SqlValidatorImpl Default implementation of SqlValidator.
SqlValidatorImpl.DeleteNamespace Namespace for a DELETE statement.
SqlValidatorImpl.DmlNamespace Common base class for DML statement namespaces.
SqlValidatorImpl.Expander Converts an expression into canonical form by fully-qualifying any identifiers.
SqlValidatorImpl.FunctionParamInfo Utility object used to maintain information about the parameters in a function call.
SqlValidatorImpl.InsertNamespace Namespace for an INSERT statement.
SqlValidatorImpl.MergeNamespace Namespace for a MERGE statement.
SqlValidatorImpl.UpdateNamespace Namespace for an UPDATE statement.
SqlValidatorUtil Utility methods related to validation.
SqlValidatorUtil.DeepCopier Walks over an expression, copying every node, and fully-qualifying every identifier.
TableConstructorNamespace Namespace for a table constructor VALUES (expr, expr, ...).
UnnestNamespace Namespace for UNNEST.

Enum Summary
SqlConformance Enumeration of valid SQL compatiblity modes.
SqlMonikerType An enumeration of moniker types.
SqlMonotonicity Enumeration of types of monotonicity.
SqlValidatorImpl.Status Validation status.

Exception Summary
SqlValidatorException Exception thrown while validating a SQL statement.

Package org.eigenbase.sql.validate Description

SQL validation.


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