Defines the set of standard SQL row-level functions and operators.


Class Summary
SqlAbstractTimeFunction Base class for time functions such as "LOCALTIME", "LOCALTIME(n)".
SqlAvgAggFunction Avg is an aggregator which returns the average of the values which go into it.
SqlBetweenOperator Defines the BETWEEN operator.
SqlBetweenOperator.AndFinder Finds an AND operator in an expression.
SqlCase A SqlCase is a node of a parse tree which represents a case statement.
SqlCaseOperator An operator describing a CASE, NULLIF or COALESCE expression.
SqlCastFunction SqlCastFunction.
SqlCeilFunction Support for the CEIL/CEILING builtin function.
SqlCoalesceFunction The COALESCE function.
SqlCollectionTableOperator SqlCollectionTableOperator is the "table function derived table" operator.
SqlColumnListConstructor SqlColumnListConstructor defines the non-standard constructor used to pass a COLUMN_LIST parameter to a UDX.
SqlConvertFunction Common base for the CONVERT and TRANSLATE functions.
SqlCountAggFunction Definition of the SQL COUNT aggregation function.
SqlCurrentDateFunction The CURRENT_DATE function.
SqlCursorConstructor SqlCursorConstructor defines the non-standard CURSOR(<query>) constructor.
SqlDatetimeSubtractionOperator A special operator for the subtraction of two DATETIMEs.
SqlExtractFunction The SQL EXTRACT operator.
SqlFirstLastValueAggFunction FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE aggregate functions return the first or the last value in a list of values that are input to the function.
SqlFloorFunction Definition of the "FLOOR" builtin SQL function.
SqlHistogramAggFunction HistogramAgg is base operator which supports the Histogram MIN/MAX aggregatoin functions.
SqlInOperator Definition of the SQL IN operator, which tests for a value's membership in a subquery or a list of values.
SqlLikeOperator An operator describing the LIKE and SIMILAR operators.
SqlLiteralChainOperator Internal operator, by which the parser represents a continued string literal.
SqlMinMaxAggFunction Definition of the MIN and MAX aggregate functions, returning the returns the smallest/largest of the values which go into it.
SqlMonotonicBinaryOperator Base class for binary operators such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication which are monotonic for the patterns m op c and c op m where m is any monotonic expression and c is a constant.
SqlMonotonicUnaryFunction Base class for unary operators such as FLOOR/CEIL which are monotonic for monotonic inputs.
SqlMultisetMemberOfOperator Multiset MEMBER OF.
SqlMultisetQueryConstructor Definition of the SQL:2003 standard MULTISET query constructor, MULTISET (<query>).
SqlMultisetSetOperator An operator which performs set operations on multisets, such as "MULTISET UNION ALL".
SqlMultisetValueConstructor Definition of the SQL:2003 standard MULTISET constructor, MULTISET [<expr>, ...].
SqlNewOperator SqlNewOperator represents an SQL new specification such as NEW UDT(1, 2).
SqlNullifFunction The NULLIF function.
SqlOverlapsOperator SqlOverlapsOperator represents the SQL:1999 standard OVERLAPS function Determins if two anchored time intervals overlaps.
SqlOverlayFunction The OVERLAY function.
SqlPositionFunction The POSITION function.
SqlRowOperator SqlRowOperator represents the special ROW constructor.
SqlSingleValueAggFunction SINGLE_VALUE aggregate function returns the input value if there is only one value in the input; Otherwise it triggers a run-time error.
SqlStdOperatorTable Implementation of SqlOperatorTable containing the standard operators and functions.
SqlStringContextVariable Base class for functions such as "USER", "CURRENT_ROLE", and "CURRENT_PATH".
SqlSubstringFunction Definition of the "SUBSTRING" builtin SQL function.
SqlSumAggFunction Sum is an aggregator which returns the sum of the values which go into it.
SqlSumEmptyIsZeroAggFunction Sum0 is an aggregator which returns the sum of the values which go into it like Sum.
SqlThrowOperator An internal operator that throws an exception.
The exception is thrown with a (localized) error message which is the only input paramter to the operator.
The return type is defined as a BOOLEAN to facilitate the use of it in constructs like the following:
SqlTrimFunction Definition of the "TRIM" builtin SQL function.

Enum Summary
SqlBetweenOperator.Flag Defines the "SYMMETRIC" and "ASYMMETRIC" keywords.
SqlTrimFunction.Flag Defines the enumerated values "LEADING", "TRAILING", "BOTH".

Exception Summary

Package Description

Defines the set of standard SQL row-level functions and operators.


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Copyright Copyright (C) 2005-2009 The Eigenbase Project
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Author Julian Hyde

The standard set of row-level functions and operators are declared in class SqlStdOperatorTable. Anonymous inner classes within that table are allowed only for specifying an operator's test function; if other custom code is needed for an operator, it should be implemented in a top-level class within this package instead. Operators which are not row-level (e.g. select and join) should be defined in package org.eigenbase.sql instead.