Package org.eigenbase.sql.parser

Provides a SQL parser.


Interface Summary
SqlAbstractParserImpl.Metadata Metadata about the parser.
SqlParserTest.Tester Callback to control how test actions are performed.

Class Summary
SqlAbstractParserImpl Abstract base for parsers generated from CommonParser.jj.
SqlAbstractParserImpl.MetadataImpl Default implementation of the SqlAbstractParserImpl.Metadata interface.
SqlParser A SqlParser parses a SQL statement.
SqlParserPos SqlParserPos represents the position of a parsed token within SQL statement text.
SqlParserTest A SqlParserTest is a unit-test for the SQL parser.
SqlParserUtil Utility methods relating to parsing SQL.
SqlParserUtil.StringAndPos Contains a string, the offset of a token within the string, and a parser position containing the beginning and end line number.
SqlParserUtil.ToTreeListItem Class that holds a SqlOperator and a SqlParserPos.
SqlUnParserTest Extension to SqlParserTest which ensures that every expression can un-parse successfully.

Enum Summary
SqlAbstractParserImpl.ExprContext Type-safe enum for context of acceptable expressions.

Exception Summary
SqlParseException SqlParseException defines a checked exception corresponding to SqlParser.

Package org.eigenbase.sql.parser Description

Provides a SQL parser.


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