Package org.eigenbase.sql.type

SQL type system.


Interface Summary
SqlOperandTypeChecker Strategy interface to check for allowed operand types of an operator call.
SqlOperandTypeInference Strategy to infer unknown types of the operands of an operator call.
SqlReturnTypeInference Strategy interface to infer the type of an operator call from the type of the operands.
SqlSingleOperandTypeChecker SqlSingleOperandTypeChecker is an extension of SqlOperandTypeChecker for implementations which are cabable of checking the type of a single operand in isolation.
SqlTypeName.PrecScale Flags indicating precision/scale combinations.
SqlTypeTransform Strategy to transform one type to another.

Class Summary
AbstractSqlType Abstract base class for SQL implementations of RelDataType.
AssignableOperandTypeChecker AssignableOperandTypeChecker implements SqlOperandTypeChecker by verifying that the type of each argument is assignable to a predefined set of parameter types (under the SQL definition of "assignable").
BasicSqlType BasicSqlType represents a standard atomic SQL type (excluding interval types).
ComparableOperandTypeChecker Type checking strategy which verifies that types have the required attributes to be used as arguments to comparison operators.
CompositeOperandTypeChecker This class allows multiple existing SqlOperandTypeChecker rules to be combined into one rule.
CursorReturnTypeInference Returns the rowtype of a cursor of the operand at a particular 0-based ordinal position.
ExplicitOperandTypeInference ExplicitOperandTypeInferences implements SqlOperandTypeInference by explicity supplying a type for each parameter.
ExplicitReturnTypeInference A SqlReturnTypeInference which always returns the same SQL type.
FamilyOperandTypeChecker Operand type-checking strategy which checks operands for inclusion in type families.
IntervalSqlType IntervalSqlType represents a standard SQL datetime interval type.
JavaToSqlTypeConversionRules JavaToSqlTypeConversionRules defines mappings from common Java types to corresponding SQL types.
LiteralOperandTypeChecker Parameter type-checking strategy type must be a literal (whether null is allowede is determined by the constructor).
MatchReturnTypeInference Returns the first type that matches a set of given SqlTypeNames.
MultisetOperandTypeChecker Parameter type-checking strategy types must be [nullable] Multiset, [nullable] Multiset and the two types must have the same element type
MultisetSqlType MultisetSqlType represents a standard SQL2003 multiset type.
ObjectSqlType ObjectSqlType represents an SQL structured user-defined type.
OperandsTypeChecking Strategies to check for allowed operand types of an operator call.
OrdinalReturnTypeInference Returns the type of the operand at a particular 0-based ordinal position.
SameOperandTypeChecker Parameter type-checking strategy where all operand types must be the same.
SetopOperandTypeChecker Parameter type-checking strategy for a set operator (UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT).
SqlReturnTypeInferenceChain Strategy to infer the type of an operator call from the type of the operands by using a series of SqlReturnTypeInference rules in a given order.
SqlTypeAssignmentRules Class to hold rules to determine if a type is assignable from another type.
SqlTypeExplicitPrecedenceList SqlTypeExplicitPrecedenceList implements the RelDataTypePrecedenceList interface via an explicit list of SqlTypeName entries.
SqlTypeFactoryImpl SqlTypeFactoryImpl provides a default implementation of RelDataTypeFactory which supports SQL types.
SqlTypeStrategies SqlTypeStrategies defines singleton instances of strategy objects for operand type checking (member prefix otc), operand type inference (member prefix oti), and operator return type inference (member prefix rti).
SqlTypeTransformCascade Strategy to infer the type of an operator call from the type of the operands by using one SqlReturnTypeInference rule and a combination of SqlTypeTransforms
SqlTypeTransforms SqlTypeTransforms defines a number of reusable instances of SqlTypeTransform.
SqlTypeUtil Contains utility methods used during SQL validation or type derivation.
SqlTypeUtil.TypeBuilder Convenience class for building a struct type with several fields.
TableFunctionReturnTypeInference TableFunctionReturnTypeInference implements rules for deriving table function output row types by expanding references to cursor parameters.

Enum Summary
SqlTypeFamily SqlTypeFamily provides SQL type categorization.
SqlTypeName Enumeration of the type names which can be used to construct a SQL type.

Package org.eigenbase.sql.type Description

SQL type system.


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