Package org.eigenbase.sql.test

Regression tests for the SQL model.


Interface Summary
SqlTester SqlTester defines a callback for testing SQL queries and expressions.

Class Summary
AbstractSqlTester Abstract implementation of SqlTester.
AbstractSqlTester.SqlTypeChecker Checks that a type matches a given SQL type.
AbstractSqlTester.StringTypeChecker Type checker which compares types to a specified string.
SqlAdvisorTest Concrete child class of SqlValidatorTestCase, containing unit tests for SqlAdvisor.
SqlOperatorTest Concrete subclass of SqlOperatorTests which checks against
SqlOperatorTests Contains unit tests for all operators.
SqlPrettyWriterTest Unit test for SqlPrettyWriter.

Enum Summary
SqlTester.VmName Name of a virtual machine that can potentially implement an operator.

Package org.eigenbase.sql.test Description

Regression tests for the SQL model.


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