Class MultisetSqlType

  extended by org.eigenbase.reltype.RelDataTypeImpl
      extended by org.eigenbase.sql.type.AbstractSqlType
          extended by org.eigenbase.sql.type.MultisetSqlType
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, RelDataType, RelDataTypeFamily

public class MultisetSqlType
extends AbstractSqlType

MultisetSqlType represents a standard SQL2003 multiset type.

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Wael Chatila
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
private  RelDataType elementType
Fields inherited from class org.eigenbase.sql.type.AbstractSqlType
isNullable, typeName
Fields inherited from class org.eigenbase.reltype.RelDataTypeImpl
digest, fieldList, fields
Constructor Summary
MultisetSqlType(RelDataType elementType, boolean isNullable)
          Constructs a new MultisetSqlType.
Method Summary
protected  void generateTypeString(StringBuilder sb, boolean withDetail)
          Generates a string representation of this type.
 RelDataType getComponentType()
          Gets the component type if this type is a collection, otherwise null.
 RelDataTypeFamily getFamily()
          Gets a canonical object representing the family of this type.
Methods inherited from class org.eigenbase.sql.type.AbstractSqlType
getPrecedenceList, getSqlTypeName, isNullable
Methods inherited from class org.eigenbase.reltype.RelDataTypeImpl
computeDigest, equals, getCharset, getCollation, getComparability, getField, getFieldCount, getFieldList, getFieldOrdinal, getFields, getFullTypeString, getIntervalQualifier, getPrecision, getScale, getSqlIdentifier, hashCode, isStruct, toString
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clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


private RelDataType elementType
Constructor Detail


public MultisetSqlType(RelDataType elementType,
                       boolean isNullable)
Constructs a new MultisetSqlType. This constructor should only be called from a factory method.

Method Detail


protected void generateTypeString(StringBuilder sb,
                                  boolean withDetail)
Description copied from class: RelDataTypeImpl
Generates a string representation of this type.

Specified by:
generateTypeString in class RelDataTypeImpl
sb - StringBuffer into which to generate the string
withDetail - when true, all detail information needed to compute a unique digest (and return from getFullTypeString) should be included;


public RelDataType getComponentType()
Description copied from interface: RelDataType
Gets the component type if this type is a collection, otherwise null.

Specified by:
getComponentType in interface RelDataType
getComponentType in class RelDataTypeImpl
canonical type descriptor for components


public RelDataTypeFamily getFamily()
Description copied from interface: RelDataType
Gets a canonical object representing the family of this type. Two values can be compared if and only if their types are in the same family.

Specified by:
getFamily in interface RelDataType
getFamily in class AbstractSqlType
canonical object representing type family