Package org.eigenbase.util

Provides utility classes.


Interface Summary
ClosableAllocation ClosableAllocation represents an object which requires a call in order to release resources early rather than waiting for finalization.
ClosableAllocationOwner ClosableAllocationOwner represents an object which can take ownership of ClosableAllocations and guarantee that they will be cleaned up correctly when its own closeAllocation() is called.
MethodCallTestCase.Dispatcher A class implementing Dispatcher calls a method from within its own security context.
OptionsList.OptionHandler Handles the event of setting options.
ReflectiveVisitDispatcher<R extends ReflectiveVisitor,E> Interface for looking up methods relating to reflective visitation.
ReflectiveVisitor Object which can be a target for a reflective visitation (see ReflectUtil.invokeVisitor(ReflectiveVisitor, Object, Class, String).
ReflectVisitorTest.CrunchableNumber An interface for introducing ambiguity into the class hierarchy.
ReflectVisitorTest.FudgeableNumber An interface for introducing ambiguity into the class hierarchy.

Class Summary
ArrayQueue<E> ArrayQueue is a queue implementation backed by an array.
ArrayQueueTest Unit test for ArrayQueue.
BarfingInvocationHandler A class derived from BarfingInvocationHandler handles a method call by looking for a method in itself with identical parameters.
BitString String of bits.
Bug Holder for a list of constants describing which bugs which have not been fixed.
CancelFlag CancelFlag is used to post and check cancellation requests.
CastingList<E> Converts a list whose members are automatically down-cast to a given type.
CompoundClosableAllocation CompoundClosableAllocation represents a collection of ClosableAllocations which share a common lifecycle.
DelegatingInvocationHandler A class derived from DelegatingInvocationHandler handles a method call by looking for a method in itself with identical parameters.
EnumeratedValues EnumeratedValues is a helper class for declaring a set of symbolic constants which have names, ordinals, and possibly descriptions.
Filterator<E> Filtered iterator class: an iterator that includes only elements that are instanceof a specified class.
Glossary A collection of terms.
Graph<T> A Graph is a collection of directed arcs between nodes, and supports various graph-theoretic operations.
Graph.Arc<T> An Arc is a directed link between two nodes.
HashableArray HashableArray provides a Object[] with a HashableArray.hashCode() and an HashableArray.equals(java.lang.Object) function, so it can be used as a key in a Hashtable.
IntList Extension to ArrayList to help build an array of int values.
JdbcDataSource Adapter to make a JDBC connection into a DataSource.
MainApp Abstract base class for a Java application invoked from the command-line.
MethodCallTestCase A MethodCallTestCase is a TestCase which invokes a method on an object.
MultiMap<K,V> Map which contains more than one value per key.
MultiMap.ValueList<V> Holder class, ensures that user's values are never interpreted as multiple values.
NlsString A string, optionally with character set and SqlCollation.
OptionsList Command-line option parser.
OptionsList.Option Definition of a command-line option, including its short and long names, description, default value, and whether it is mandatory.
OptionsListTest Unit test for OptionsList.
OptionsListTest.StringBufferOptionsHandler Implementation of OptionsList.OptionHandler which writes to a buffer.
Pair<T1,T2> Pair of objects.
Permutation Represents a mapping which reorders elements in an array.
PermutationTestCase Unit test for Permutation.
ReflectUtil Static utilities for Java reflection.
ReflectVisitorTest ReflectVisitorTest tests ReflectUtil.invokeVisitor(org.eigenbase.util.ReflectiveVisitor, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Class, java.lang.String) and ReflectiveVisitor and provides a contrived example of how to use them.
RhBase64 Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation.
RhBase64.InputStream A RhBase64.InputStream will read data from another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly.
RhBase64.OutputStream A RhBase64.OutputStream will write data to another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly.
SaffronProperties Provides an environment for debugging information, et cetera, used by saffron.
SerializableCharset Serializable wrapper around a Charset.
StackWriter A helper class for generating formatted text.
StringRepresentationComparator<T> StringRepresentationComparator compares two objects by comparing their Object.toString() representations.
TestUtil Static utilities for JUnit tests.
Util Miscellaneous utility functions.
Util.SqlNodeDescriptor Describes a node, its parent and if and where in the parent a node lives.
UtilTest Unit test for Util and other classes in this package.
UtilTest.SerializableEnum Enumeration which serializes correctly.
UtilTest.UnserializableEnum Enumeration which extends BasicValue does NOT serialize correctly.

Exception Summary
EigenbaseContextException Exception which contains information about the textual context of the causing exception.
EigenbaseException Base class for all exceptions originating from Farrago.
Util.FoundOne Exception used to interrupt a tree walk of any kind.

Package org.eigenbase.util Description

Provides utility classes.


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