Package org.eigenbase.util.mapping

Provides utility classes.


Interface Summary
Mapping A Mapping is a relationship between a source domain to target domain of integers.
Mappings.FunctionMapping Mapping where every source has a target.
Mappings.SourceMapping Mapping suitable for sourcing columns.
Mappings.TargetMapping Mapping suitable for mapping columns to a target.

Class Summary
IntPair An immutable pair of integers.
Mappings Utility functions related to mappings.
Mappings.InverseMapping Decorator which converts any Mapping into the inverse of itself.
Mappings.PartialFunctionImpl Implementation of Mapping where a source can have at most one target, and a target can have any number of sources.
Mappings.PartialMapping A mapping where a source at most one target, and every target has at most one source.
Mappings.SurjectionWithInverse A surjection with inverse has precisely one source for each target.

Enum Summary
MappingType Describes the type of a mapping, from the most general MappingType.MultiFunction (every element in the source and target domain can participate in many mappings) to the most retricted MappingType.Bijection (every element in the source and target domain must be paired with precisely one element in the other domain).

Exception Summary
Mappings.NoElementException Thrown when a mapping is expected to return one element but returns none.
Mappings.TooManyElementsException Thrown when a mapping is expected to return one element but returns several.

Package org.eigenbase.util.mapping Description

Provides utility classes.


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