Class Mappings

  extended by org.eigenbase.util.mapping.Mappings

public abstract class Mappings
extends Object

Utility functions related to mappings.

Mar 24, 2006
$Id: //open/dev/farrago/src/org/eigenbase/util/mapping/ $
See Also:
MappingType, Mappings.FunctionMapping, Permutation

Nested Class Summary
static class Mappings.AbstractMapping
static class Mappings.FiniteAbstractMapping
static interface Mappings.FunctionMapping
          Mapping where every source has a target.
(package private) static class Mappings.FunctionMappingIter
static class Mappings.IdentityMapping
private static class Mappings.InverseMapping
          Decorator which converts any Mapping into the inverse of itself.
static class Mappings.NoElementException
          Thrown when a mapping is expected to return one element but returns none.
static class Mappings.OverridingSourceMapping
static class Mappings.OverridingTargetMapping
private static class Mappings.PartialFunctionImpl
          Implementation of Mapping where a source can have at most one target, and a target can have any number of sources.
static class Mappings.PartialMapping
          A mapping where a source at most one target, and every target has at most one source.
static interface Mappings.SourceMapping
          Mapping suitable for sourcing columns.
(package private) static class Mappings.SurjectionWithInverse
          A surjection with inverse has precisely one source for each target.
static interface Mappings.TargetMapping
          Mapping suitable for mapping columns to a target.
static class Mappings.TooManyElementsException
          Thrown when a mapping is expected to return one element but returns several.
Constructor Summary
private Mappings()
Method Summary
static Mapping create(MappingType mappingType, int sourceCount, int targetCount)
          Creates a mapping with required properties.
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Constructor Detail


private Mappings()
Method Detail


public static Mapping create(MappingType mappingType,
                             int sourceCount,
                             int targetCount)
Creates a mapping with required properties.