Package net.sf.farrago.jdbc.param

Provide classes for implementing dynamic parameters for the Farrago JDBC driver.


Class Summary
FarragoJdbcApproxParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineApproxParamDef defines a approximate numeric parameter.
FarragoJdbcBinaryParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineBinaryParamDef defines a binary parameter.
FarragoJdbcBooleanParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineBooleanParamDef defines a boolean parameter.
FarragoJdbcDateParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineDateParamDef defines a date parameter.
FarragoJdbcDecimalParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineDecimalParamDef defines a Decimal parameter.
FarragoJdbcFennelTupleParamDef FarragoJdbcFennelTupleParamDef represents a parameter associated with a FennelTupleDatum.
FarragoJdbcIntParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineIntParamDef defines a integer parameter.
FarragoJdbcParamDef Handles data conversion for a dynamic parameter (refactored from FarragoJdbcEngineParamDef) Enforces constraints on parameters.
FarragoJdbcParamDefFactory Factory for FarragoJdbcParamDef objects.
FarragoJdbcStringParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineStringParamDef defines a string parameter.
FarragoJdbcTimeParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineTimeParamDef defines a time parameter.
FarragoJdbcTimestampParamDef FarragoJdbcEngineTimestampParamDef defines a Timestamp parameter.
FarragoParamFieldMetaData This defines the per parameter field metadata required by the client-side driver to implement the JDBC ParameterMetaData API.

Package net.sf.farrago.jdbc.param Description

Provide classes for implementing dynamic parameters for the Farrago JDBC driver.

NOTE angel 17-March-2006: This package gets included in client-side code, so it must be source-compatible with JDK 1.4.

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