Package net.sf.farrago.test.regression

Contains Farrago regression tests.


Class Summary
FarragoCalcSystemTest This class contains tests that do full vertical system testing downto the calculator (java / fennel).
FarragoCalcSystemTest.VirtualMachine Defines a virtual machine (FENNEL, JAVA, AUTO) and the operators it can implement.
FarragoSorterTest FarragoSorterTest tests the sorter with various data sizes and distributions (TODO: and types).
FarragoSqlRegressionTest FarragoSqlRegressionTest is a JUnit harness for executing tests which are implemented by running an SQL script and diffing the output against a reference file containing the expected results.

Package net.sf.farrago.test.regression Description

Contains Farrago regression tests. For more information, see the Farrago wiki.

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