Package net.sf.farrago.namespace.jdbc

Defines a Farrago namespace implementation for accessing data through JDBC.


Class Summary
MedJdbcAggPushDownRule MedJdbcAggPushDownRule is a rule to push aggregations down into JDBC sources.
MedJdbcColumnSet MedJdbcColumnSet implements the FarragoMedColumnSet interface for foreign JDBC tables.
MedJdbcDataServer MedJdbcDataServer implements the FarragoMedDataServer interface for JDBC data.
MedJdbcForeignDataWrapper MedJdbcForeignDataWrapper implements the FarragoMedDataWrapper interface by accessing foreign tables provided by any JDBC driver.
MedJdbcMetadataProvider MedJdbcMetadataProvider supplies metadata to the optimizer about JDBC relational expressions.
MedJdbcNameDirectory MedJdbcNameDirectory implements the FarragoMedNameDirectory interface by mapping the metadata provided by any JDBC driver.
MedJdbcPushDownRule MedJdbcPushDownRule is a rule to push filters and projections down to Jdbc sources.
MedJdbcQueryRel MedJdbcQueryRel adapts JdbcQuery to the SQL/MED framework.
MedJdbcUDR MedJdbcUDR defines some user-defined routines related to MedJdbc.
ResultSetToFarragoIteratorConverter ResultSetToFarragoIteratorConverter is a ConverterRel from the RESULT_SET CallingConvention to the ITERATOR CallingConvention which ensures that the objects returned by the iterator are understood by the rest of Farrago.

Package net.sf.farrago.namespace.jdbc Description

Defines a Farrago namespace implementation for accessing data through JDBC. Classes in this package are built into a separate plugin .jar (FarragoMedJdbc.jar) to test the plugin mechanism and provide an example of how to implement a JAR-based plugin.

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