Package net.sf.farrago.plugin

Defines Farrago plugin infrastructure.


Interface Summary
FarragoPlugin FarragoPlugin defines an abstract plugin interface.

Class Summary
FarragoAbstractPluginBase FarragoAbstractPluginBase is an abstract base for classes used to build implementations of FarragoPlugin.
FarragoPluginCache FarragoPluginCache is an abstract private cache for loading instances of FarragoPlugin (and their component sub-objects).
FarragoPluginClassLoader FarragoPluginClassLoader allows plugin jars to be added to the ClassLoader dynamically.
FarragoPluginInfoList FarragoPluginInfoList is a helper class for building up the arrays of DriverPropertyInfo returned by various getXXXPropertyInfo calls.

Package net.sf.farrago.plugin Description

Defines Farrago plugin infrastructure.

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