Package org.eigenbase.rel

Defines relational expressions.


Interface Summary
Aggregation An Aggregation aggregates a set of values into one value.
RelCollation Description of the physical ordering of a relational expression.
RelNode A RelNode is a relational expression.

Class Summary
AbstractRelNode Base class for every relational expression (RelNode).
AggregateCall Call to an aggregation function within an AggregateRel.
AggregateRel AggregateRel is a relational operator which eliminates duplicates and computes totals.
AggregateRelBase AggregateRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of AggregateRel.
AggregateRelBase.AggCallBinding Implementation of the SqlOperatorBinding interface for an aggregate call applied to a set of operands in the context of a AggregateRel.
CalcRel A relational expression which computes project expressions and also filters.
CalcRelBase CalcRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of CalcRel.
CollectRel A relational expression which collapses multiple rows into one.
CorrelatorRel A CorrelatorRel behaves like a kind of JoinRel, but works by setting variables in its environment and restarting its right-hand input.
CorrelatorRel.Correlation Describes the neccessary parameters for an implementation in order to identify and set dynamic variables
EmptyRel EmptyRel represents a relational expression with zero rows.
FilterRel A FilterRel is a relational expression which iterates over its input, and returns elements for which condition evaluates to true.
FilterRelBase FilterRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of FilterRel.
IntersectRel IntersectRel returns the intersection of the rows of its inputs.
JoinRel A JoinRel represents two relational expressions joined according to some condition.
JoinRelBase JoinRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of JoinRel.
MinusRel MinusRel returns the rows of its first input minus any matching rows from its other inputs.
OneRowRel OneRowRel always returns one row, one column (containing the value 0).
OneRowRelBase OneRowRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of OneRowRel.
ProjectRel ProjectRel is a relational expression which computes a set of 'select expressions' from its input relational expression.
ProjectRelBase ProjectRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of ProjectRel.
ProjectRelBase.Checker Visitor which walks over a program and checks validity.
RelCollationImpl Simple implementation of RelCollation.
RelFieldCollation RelFieldCollation defines the ordering for one field of a RelNode whose output is to be sorted.
RelVisitor A RelVisitor is a Visitor role in the visitor pattern and visits RelNode objects as the role of Element.
SamplingRel SamplingRel represents the TABLESAMPLE BERNOULLI or SYSTEM keyword applied to a table, view or subquery.
SetOpRel SetOpRel is an abstract base for relational set operators such as union, minus, and intersect.
SingleRel A SingleRel is a base class single-input relational expressions.
SortRel Relational expression which imposes a particular sort order on its input without otherwise changing its content.
TableAccessRel A TableAccessRel reads all the rows from a RelOptTable.
TableAccessRelBase TableAccessRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of TableAccessRel.
TableFunctionRel TableFunctionRel represents a call to a function which returns a result set.
TableFunctionRelBase TableFunctionRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of TableFunctionRel.
TableModificationRel TableModificationRel is like TableAccessRel, but represents a request to modify a table rather than read from it.
TableModificationRelBase TableModificationRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of TableModificationRel.
UncollectRel A relational expression which unnests its input's sole column into a relation.
UnionRel UnionRel returns the union of the rows of its inputs, optionally eliminating duplicates.
UnionRelBase UnionRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of UnionRel.
ValuesRel ValuesRel represents a sequence of zero or more literal row values.
ValuesRelBase ValuesRelBase is an abstract base class for implementations of ValuesRel.
WindowedAggregateRel A relational expression representing a set of window aggregates.

Enum Summary
JoinRelType Enumeration of join types.
RelFieldCollation.Direction Direction that a field is ordered in.
TableModificationRelBase.Operation Enumeration of supported modification operations.

Package org.eigenbase.rel Description

Defines relational expressions.


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