Class ValuesRel

  extended by org.eigenbase.rel.AbstractRelNode
      extended by org.eigenbase.rel.ValuesRelBase
          extended by org.eigenbase.rel.ValuesRel
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, RelNode

public class ValuesRel
extends ValuesRelBase

ValuesRel represents a sequence of zero or more literal row values.

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John V. Sichi

Field Summary
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digest, id, nextId, rowType, traits
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Constructor Summary
ValuesRel(RelOptCluster cluster, RelDataType rowType, List<List<RexLiteral>> tuples)
          Creates a new ValuesRel.
Method Summary
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clone, computeSelfCost, deriveRowType, explain, getRows, getTuples
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childrenAccept, cloneTraits, collectVariablesSet, collectVariablesUsed, computeDigest, getChildExps, getCluster, getCollationList, getConvention, getCorrelVariable, getDescription, getDigest, getExpectedInputRowType, getId, getInput, getInputs, getOrCreateCorrelVariable, getQuery, getRelTypeName, getRowType, getTable, getTraits, getVariablesStopped, inheritTraitsFrom, isAccessTo, isDistinct, isValid, onRegister, recomputeDigest, register, registerCorrelVariable, replaceInput, setCorrelVariable, toString
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Constructor Detail


public ValuesRel(RelOptCluster cluster,
                 RelDataType rowType,
                 List<List<RexLiteral>> tuples)
Creates a new ValuesRel. Note that tuples passed in become owned by this rel (without a deep copy), so caller must not modify them after this call, otherwise bad things will happen.

cluster - .
rowType - row type for tuples produced by this rel
tuples - 2-dimensional array of tuple values to be produced; outer list contains tuples; each inner list is one tuple; all tuples must be of same length, conforming to rowType