Package net.sf.farrago.test.concurrent

Contains concurrency tests for Farrago.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
FarragoTestConcurrentScriptedTestCase FarragoTestConcurrentScriptedTestCase is a base class for multi-threaded, scripted tests.
FarragoTestConcurrentTest FarragoTestConcurrentTest executes a variety of SQL DML and DDL commands via a multi-threaded test harness in an effort to detect errors in concurrent execution.
FarragoTestConcurrentTestCase FarragoTestConcurrentTestCase provides a basic harness for executing multi-threaded test cases.

Package net.sf.farrago.test.concurrent Description

Contains concurrency tests for Farrago. Based on the jdbc concurrent test framework, org.eigenbase.test.concurrent. As with the single-threaded diff-based tests, each test case is defined by a test script in mtsql format (e.g. foo.mtsql) plus a reference output file (e.g. foo.ref).

Note that test scripts can share contents using the @include command. Included files should have a different file extension to avoid confusion.

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