Package net.sf.farrago.test

Contains Farrago unit tests.


Interface Summary
Rex2CalcPlanTest.Tester Test helper.

Class Summary
DiffSanityTest DiffSanityTest verifies that the facilities in DiffTestCase are actually working and not just happily rubber-stamping away.
DmvTestUdr DmvTestUdr is a SQL-invocable entry point for package org.eigenbase.dmv.
FarragoAutoCalcRulesTest FarragoAutoCalcRuleTest tests FarragoAutoCalcRule.
FarragoAutoCalcRulesTest.TestDbSessionFactory TestDbSessionFactory extends FarragoDefaultSessionFactory and returns a custom TestDbSession instance.
FarragoAutoCalcRulesTest.TestDbSessionPersonality TestDbSession extends FarragoDefaultSessionPersonality to provide our custom OJRexImplementor table in place of Farrago's normal implementation.
FarragoAutoCalcRulesTest.TestJdbcEngineDriver TestJdbcEngineDriver extends FarragoJdbcEngineDriver and provides our custom TestDbSessionFactory in place of Farrago's normal implementation.
FarragoDdlGeneratorTest Unit test cases for FarragoDdlGenerator.
FarragoDebugServer FarragoDebugServer's only purpose is to provide an entry point from which FarragoServer can be debugged via an IDE such as Eclipse.
FarragoJdbcTest FarragoJdbcTest tests specifics of the Farrago implementation of the JDBC API.
FarragoJdbcTest.TestSqlApproxType Defines class for testing approximate sql type
FarragoJdbcTest.TestSqlDecimalType Defines class for testing decimal sql type
FarragoJdbcTest.TestSqlIntegralType Defines class for testing integral sql type
FarragoJdbcTest.TestSqlType Defines a SQL type, and a corresponding column in the datatypes table, and some operations particular to each type.
FarragoMdrTestContext FarragoMdrTestContext holds information needed by a test UDR which accesses catalog metadata via an MDR foreign server.
FarragoMetadataTest FarragoMetadataTest tests the relational expression metadata queries that require additional sql statement support in order to test, above and beyond what can be tested in RelMetadataTest.
FarragoMockCredential Mock JAAS credential class.
FarragoMockLoginModule Mock login module for testing farrago authentication.
FarragoMockPrincipal Mock JAAS principal class
FarragoObjectCacheTest FarragoObjectCacheTest is a unit test for FarragoObjectCache.
FarragoOptRulesTest FarragoOptRulesTest is like RelOptRulesTest, but for rules specific to Farrago.
FarragoProfiler This class is intended for use with a profiler.
FarragoPropertiesTest FarragoPropertiesTest tests the FarragoProperties class.
FarragoQueryTest FarragoQueryTest tests miscellaneous aspects of Farrago query processing which are impossible to test via SQL scripts.
FarragoRepositoryTest FarragoRepositoryTest contains unit tests for the repository.
FarragoRexToOJTranslatorTest FarragoRexToOJTranslatorTest contains unit tests for the translation code in net.sf.farrago.ojrex.
FarragoServerTest FarragoServerTest tests Farrago client/server connections via RmiJdbc.
FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite runs operator tests defined in SqlOperatorTests against a Farrago database.
FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoAutoVmOperatorTest Implementation of SqlOperatorTests which runs all tests in Farrago with a hybrid calculator.
FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoFennelVmOperatorTest Implementation of SqlOperatorTests which runs all tests in Farrago with a C++ calculator.
FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoJavaVmOperatorTest Implementation of SqlOperatorTests which runs all tests in Farrago with a pure-Java calculator.
FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoSqlTester Implementation of AbstractSqlTester, leveraging connection setup and result set comparison from the class FarragoTestCase.
FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoVmOperatorTestBase Base class for all tests which test operators against a particular virtual machine.
FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.MyFarragoTestCase Helper class.
FarragoSqlRunnerTest Rudimentary JUnit tests for the SqlRunner class.
FarragoSqlTest FarragoSqlTest is a JUnit harness for executing tests which are implemented by running an SQL script and diffing the output against a reference file containing the expected results.
FarragoSqlTestWrapper Wraps .sql file diff-based tests with JUnit test methods for convenient execution from within your favorite JUnit-aware IDE.
FarragoSqlToRelTestBase FarragoSqlToRelTestBase is an abstract base for Farrago tests which involve conversion from SQL to relational algebra.
FarragoStatsUtil Utility class for manipulating statistics stored in the catalog
FarragoTestCase FarragoTestCase is a common base for Farrago JUnit tests.
FarragoTestCase.Cleanup Helper for staticSetUp.
FarragoTestCase.CleanupFactory CleanupFactory is a factory for Cleanup objects.
FarragoTestCase.ReplacingOutputStream Stream which applies regular expression replacement to its contents.
FarragoTestPersonalityFactory FarragoTestPersonalityFactory implements the FarragoSessionPersonalityFactory interface with some tweaks just for testing.
FarragoTestPlanner FarragoTestPlanner provides an implementation of the FarragoSessionPlanner interface which allows for precise control over the heuristic planner used during testing.
FarragoTestUDR FarragoTestUDR contains definitions for user-defined routines used by tests.
FarragoTimerTest FarragoTimerTest tests FarragoTimerAllocation and FarragoTimerTask.
FarragoUtilTest Tests components in package net.sf.farrago.util.
FarragoVjdbcServerTest FarragoServerTest tests Farrago client/server connections via VJDBC.
FennelDmlTest FennelDmlTest tests execution of Farrago DML statements over data stored in Fennel (including both temporary and permanent tables).
FennelTupleTest Set of unit tests which exercise the Java Tuple Library.
Jdk15Test Jdk15Test tests language features introduced in JDK 1.5.
JmiMemTest JmiMemTest is a unit test for JmiMemFactory.
JmiModelTest JmiModelTest is a unit test for JmiModelGraph and JmiModelView.
LurqlQueryTest LurqlQueryTest is a JUnit harness for executing tests which are implemented by running a script of LURQL queries and diffing the output against a reference file containing the expected results.
LurqlQueryUdx LurqlQueryUdx executes a LURQL query and returns the resulting collection as a relational result set.
ResultSetTestCase ResultSetTestCase (refactroed from FarragoTestCase) is a abstract base for JUnit tests (see FarragoJdbcTest) that uses result sets.
Rex2CalcPlanTest Validates that RexNode expressions get translated to the correct calculator program.
RuntimeTest Unit tests for various classes in package net.sf.farrago.type.runtime.
TestLeaks TestLeaks helps locate Java memory leaks.

Enum Summary
FarragoJdbcTest.TestJavaType Defines a Java type.

Exception Summary

Package net.sf.farrago.test Description

Contains Farrago unit tests. For more information, see the Farrago wiki.

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