Package net.sf.farrago.type.runtime

Defines runtime support for Farrago-specific datatypes.


Interface Summary
AssignableValue The AssignableValue interface represents a writable SQL value of non-primitive type at runtime.
BitReference BitReference represents a bit which can be accessed by marshalling and unmarshalling.
DataValue DataValue is an interface representing a runtime holder for a data value.
NullableValue NullableValue is an interface representing a runtime holder for a nullable object.
SpecialDataValue SpecialDataValue is an interface representing a runtime holder for a data value.

Class Summary
BytePointer BytePointer is instantiated during execution to refer to a contiguous subset of a byte array.
CharStringComparator A very slow, generic comparator for two objects with valid toString() methods.
EncodedCharPointer EncodedCharPointer specializes BytePointer to interpret its bytes as characters encoded via a given charset.
EncodedSqlDecimal Runtime type for decimal values.
EncodedSqlInterval Runtime type for interval values.
FarragoSyntheticObject FarragoSyntheticObject refines SyntheticObject with Farrago-specific runtime information such as null values.
FarragoSyntheticObject.NullIndicatorBitReference Implementation of BitReference for accessing a null indicator.
NullablePrimitive NullablePrimitive is the abstract superclass for implementations of NullableValue corresponding to Java primitives.
NullablePrimitive.NullableBoolean Nullable wrapper for boolean.
NullablePrimitive.NullableByte Nullable wrapper for byte.
NullablePrimitive.NullableDouble Nullable wrapper for double.
NullablePrimitive.NullableFloat Nullable wrapper for float.
NullablePrimitive.NullableInteger Nullable wrapper for int.
NullablePrimitive.NullableLong Nullable wrapper for long.
NullablePrimitive.NullableShort Nullable wrapper for short.
RuntimeTypeUtil Runtime Utility Subroutines.
SqlDateTimeWithoutTZ Runtime type for basic date/time/timestamp values without time zone information.
SqlDateTimeWithoutTZ.SqlDate SQL date value.
SqlDateTimeWithoutTZ.SqlTime SQL time value.
SqlDateTimeWithoutTZ.SqlTimestamp SQL timestamp value.
Ucs2CharPointer Ucs2CharPointer specializes EncodedCharPointer to interpret its bytes as characters encoded via a UCS-2 charset.
VarbinaryComparator A comparator for two BytePointer objects interpreted as VARBINARY.

Package net.sf.farrago.type.runtime Description

Defines runtime support for Farrago-specific datatypes. See also net.sf.farrago.runtime.

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