Package net.sf.farrago.util

Contains miscellaneous Farrago utility classes.


Interface Summary
FarragoAllocation FarragoAllocation represents an object which requires a call in order to release resources early rather than waiting for finalization.
FarragoAllocationOwner FarragoAllocationOwner represents an object which can take ownership of FarragoAllocations and guarantee that they will be cleaned up correctly when its own closeAllocation() is called.
FarragoCacheVictimPolicy FarragoCacheVictimPolicy defines the interface for different implementations of a cache victimization policy for the FarragoObjectCache.
FarragoObjectCache.CachedObjectFactory Factory interface for producing cached objects.
FarragoObjectCache.Entry Interface for a cache entry; same as Map.Entry except that there is no requirement on equals/hashCode.
FarragoObjectCache.UninitializedEntry Callback interface for entry initialization.

Class Summary
FarragoCacheEntry FarragoCacheEntry implements the interfaces for a cache entry.
FarragoCardinalityEstimator FarragoCardinalityEstimator estimates the number of distinct values in a population based on a sample of that population.
FarragoCompoundAllocation FarragoCompoundAllocation represents a collection of FarragoAllocations which share a common lifecycle.
FarragoFileAllocation FarragoFileAllocation takes care of deleting a File when it is closed.
FarragoFileLockAllocation FarragoFileLockAllocation takes care of unlocking a file when it is closed.
FarragoLruVictimPolicy FarragoLruVictimPolicy implements an LRU caching policy for the FarragoObjectCache.
FarragoObjectCache FarragoObjectCache implements generic object caching.
FarragoProperties Provides the properties which control limited aspects of Farrago behavior.
FarragoStatementAllocation FarragoStatementAllocation takes care of closing a JDBC Statement (and its associated ResultSet if any).
FarragoTimerAllocation FarragoTimerAllocation takes care of cancelling a Timer when it is closed.
FarragoTimerTask FarragoTimerTask refines TimerTask to guarantee safety based on the way Farrago runs timers (see FarragoTimerAllocation).
FarragoUtil Miscellaneous static utilities that don't fit into other categories.
FarragoWarningQueue FarragoWarningQueue provides an implementation for objects such as Connection which store a queue of warnings.
MdrUtil Static MDR utilities.
NativeTrace NativeTrace provides integration between native code and Java logging facilities.
SqlRunner Wrapper around the sqlline code to enable running of a SQL script from within Java code.

Package net.sf.farrago.util Description

Contains miscellaneous Farrago utility classes.

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