Interface FarragoObjectCache.UninitializedEntry

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public static interface FarragoObjectCache.UninitializedEntry

Callback interface for entry initialization.

Method Summary
 void initialize(Object value, long memoryUsage, boolean isReusable)
          Initializes the entry.

Method Detail


void initialize(Object value,
                long memoryUsage,
                boolean isReusable)
Initializes the entry.

value - the value to associate with the entry's key; if this Object implements FarragoAllocation, it will be closed when discarded from the cache
memoryUsage - approximate total number of bytes of memory used by entry (combination of key, value, and any sub-objects)
isReusable - whether the initialized entry is reusable; if false, the entry will be returned as private to the original caller of, net.sf.farrago.util.FarragoObjectCache.CachedObjectFactory, boolean), and no other callers will ever be able to pin it