Class FarragoTimerAllocation

  extended by net.sf.farrago.util.FarragoTimerAllocation
All Implemented Interfaces:
FarragoAllocation, ClosableAllocation

public class FarragoTimerAllocation
extends Object
implements FarragoAllocation

FarragoTimerAllocation takes care of cancelling a Timer when it is closed. Cancellation is implemented synchronously and without any delay, making it easy to avoid shutdown races.

NOTE jvs 13-Aug-2007: The shutdown mechanism requires that cancellation not happen via any other means. If it does, the shutdown could result in an IllegalStateException or a hang. Use FarragoTimerTask to avoid the implicit cancellation which can occur when a timer task throws an exception.

$Id: //open/dev/farrago/src/net/sf/farrago/util/ $
John V. Sichi

Nested Class Summary
private  class FarragoTimerAllocation.CancelTask
          Helper class implementing synchronous cancellation.
Field Summary
private  Object shutdownSynch
private  Timer timer
Constructor Summary
FarragoTimerAllocation(FarragoAllocationOwner owner, Timer timer)
          Creates a new FarragoTimerAllocation.
Method Summary
 void closeAllocation()
          Closes this object.
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Field Detail


private Timer timer


private final Object shutdownSynch
Constructor Detail


public FarragoTimerAllocation(FarragoAllocationOwner owner,
                              Timer timer)
Creates a new FarragoTimerAllocation.

owner - the owner for the timer
timer - the timer to be cancelled when this allocation is closed
Method Detail


public void closeAllocation()
Description copied from interface: ClosableAllocation
Closes this object.

Specified by:
closeAllocation in interface ClosableAllocation