Class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite

  extended by net.sf.farrago.test.FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite

public class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite
extends Object

FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite runs operator tests defined in SqlOperatorTests against a Farrago database.

The entry point is the suite() method.

May 25, 2004
$Id: //open/dev/farrago/src/net/sf/farrago/test/ $
Wael Chatila

Nested Class Summary
static class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoAutoVmOperatorTest
          Implementation of SqlOperatorTests which runs all tests in Farrago with a hybrid calculator.
static class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoFennelVmOperatorTest
          Implementation of SqlOperatorTests which runs all tests in Farrago with a C++ calculator.
static class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoJavaVmOperatorTest
          Implementation of SqlOperatorTests which runs all tests in Farrago with a pure-Java calculator.
protected static class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoSqlTester
          Implementation of AbstractSqlTester, leveraging connection setup and result set comparison from the class FarragoTestCase.
static class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.FarragoVmOperatorTestBase
          Base class for all tests which test operators against a particular virtual machine.
private static class FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite.MyFarragoTestCase
          Helper class.
Field Summary
private static SqlTypeFactoryImpl sqlTypeFactory
Constructor Summary
protected FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite()
Method Summary
static TestSuite suite()
          Entry point for JUnit.
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Field Detail


private static final SqlTypeFactoryImpl sqlTypeFactory
Constructor Detail


protected FarragoSqlOperatorsSuite()
Method Detail


public static TestSuite suite()
Entry point for JUnit.