Package org.eigenbase.reltype

Defines a type system for relational expressions.


Interface Summary
RelDataType RelDataType represents the type of a scalar expression or entire row returned from a relational expression.
RelDataTypeFactory RelDataTypeFactory is a factory for datatype descriptors.
RelDataTypeFactory.FieldInfo Callback which provides enough information to create fields.
RelDataTypeFamily RelDataTypeFamily represents a family of related types.
RelDataTypeField RelDataTypeField represents the definition of a field in a structured RelDataType.
RelDataTypePrecedenceList RelDataTypePrecedenceList defines a type precedence list for a particular type.

Class Summary
RelCrossType Type of the cartesian product of two or more sets of records.
RelDataTypeFactory.ListFieldInfo Simple implementation of RelDataTypeFactory.FieldInfo, based on a list of fields.
RelDataTypeFactoryImpl Abstract base for implementations of RelDataTypeFactory.
RelDataTypeFieldImpl Default implementation of RelDataTypeField.
RelDataTypeImpl RelDataTypeImpl is an abstract base for implementations of RelDataType.
RelRecordType RelRecordType represents a structured type having named fields.
RelRecordType.SerializableRelRecordType Skinny object which has the same information content as a RelRecordType but skips redundant stuff like digest and the immutable list.

Enum Summary
RelDataTypeComparability RelDataTypeComparability is an enumeration of the categories of comparison operators which types may support.

Package org.eigenbase.reltype Description

Defines a type system for relational expressions.


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