Package net.sf.farrago.session

Defines the Farrago session management interfaces.


Interface Summary
FarragoSession FarragoSession represents an internal API to the Farrago database.
FarragoSessionConnectionSource FarragoSessionConnectionSource creates new JDBC connections in the context of a session.
FarragoSessionDdlHandler FarragoSessionDdlHandler is for illustration purposes only; it is not meant to be implemented.
FarragoSessionDdlStmt FarragoSessionDdlStmt represents the output of DDL statement parsing.
FarragoSessionDdlValidator FarragoSessionDdlValidator represents an object capable of validating a DDL statement.
FarragoSessionExecutableStmt FarragoSessionExecutableStmt represents the executable output of FarragoPreparingStmt processing.
FarragoSessionExecutingStmtInfo FarragoSessionExecuctingStmtInfo contains information about executing statements.
FarragoSessionFactory FarragoSessionFactory defines an interface with factory methods used to create new sessions and related objects.
FarragoSessionIndexMap FarragoSessionIndexMap defines a means for mapping CWM index definitions to corresponding physical storage.
FarragoSessionModelExtension FarragoSessionModelExtension defines the SPI for plugging in custom behavior for model extensions.
FarragoSessionModelExtensionFactory FarragoSessionModelExtensionFactory defines a factory interface for creating instances of FarragoSessionModelExtension.
FarragoSessionParser FarragoSessionParser represents an object capable of parsing Farrago SQL statements.
FarragoSessionPersonality FarragoSessionPersonality defines the SPI for plugging in custom FarragoSession behavior.
FarragoSessionPersonalityFactory FarragoSessionPersonalityFactory defines a factory interface for creating instances of FarragoSessionPersonality.
FarragoSessionPlanner FarragoSessionPlanner represents a query planner/optimizer associated with a specific FarragoPreparingStmt.
FarragoSessionPreparingStmt FarragoSessionPreparingStmt represents the process of Farrago-specific preparation of a single SQL statement (it's not a context for executing a series of statements; for that, see FarragoSessionStmtContext).
FarragoSessionPrivilegeChecker This interface specifies the privilege check service methods.
FarragoSessionPrivilegeMap FarragoSessionPrivilegeMap defines a map from object type to a set of privileges relevant to that type.
FarragoSessionRuntimeContext FarragoSessionRuntimeContext defines runtime support routines needed by generated code.
FarragoSessionSavepoint FarragoSessionSavepoint represents a savepoint within the transactional context of a FarragoSession.
FarragoSessionStmtContext FarragoSessionStmtContext represents a context for executing SQL statements within a particular FarragoSession.
FarragoSessionStmtParamDef FarragoSessionStmtParamDef represents the definition of a dynamic parameter used within a FarragoSessionStmtContext.
FarragoSessionStmtParamDefFactory FarragoSessionStmtParamDefFactory represents a factory that creates FarragoSessionStmtParamDef instances.
FarragoSessionStmtValidator FarragoSessionStmtValidator defines a generic interface for statement validation services.
FarragoSessionTxnId FarragoSessionTxnId is an opaque transaction ID provided by FarragoSessionTxnMgr.
FarragoSessionTxnListener FarragoSessionTxnListener defines an interface for listening to events on a FarragoSessionTxnMgr.
FarragoSessionTxnMgr FarragoSessionTxnMgr defines the interface for transaction management across sessions.
FarragoStreamFactoryProvider FarragoStreamFactoryProvider provides a mechanism by which one can register factories for extension ExecutionStreams in Fennel.

Class Summary
FarragoSessionAnalyzedSql FarragoSessionAnalyzedSql contains the results of the analyzeSql call used while processing SQL expressions contained by DDL statements such as CREATE VIEW and CREATE FUNCTION.
FarragoSessionDataSource FarragoSessionDataSource implements DataSource by providing a loopback Connection into a session; this can be used for execution of reentrant SQL.
FarragoSessionDdlDropRule FarragoSessionDdlDropRule specifies the action to take when an association link deletion event is detected during DDL.
FarragoSessionResolvedObject<T extends CwmModelElement> Information about a catalog object whose name has been fully resolved within the scope of a particular session.
FarragoSessionRuntimeParams FarragoSessionRuntimeParams bundles together the large number of constructor parameters needed to instantiate FarragoSessionRuntimeContext.
FarragoSessionUdrContext This class provides internal support for the implementation of FarragoUdrRuntime.
FarragoSessionVariables FarragoSessionVariables defines global variable settings for a Farrago session.

Enum Summary
FarragoSessionTxnEnd FarragoSessionTxnEnd enumerates the ways a transaction can end.

Package net.sf.farrago.session Description

Defines the Farrago session management interfaces.

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