Package net.sf.farrago.ddl

Defines classes representing Farrago DDL and control statements.


Interface Summary
DdlMultipleTransactionStmt DdlMultipleTransactionStmt represents a DdlStmt that requires its work to divided among multiple repository transactions to avoid holding the repository transaction lock for excessive periods of time (and thereby blocking other statements).

Class Summary
DdlAlterGenericStmt DdlAlterGenericStmt is a generic concrete extension of DdlAlterStmt.
DdlAlterIdentityColumnStmt Statement for altering an identity column.
DdlAlterStmt DdlAlterStmt represents some but not all DDL ALTER statements.
DdlAlterTableStructureStmt DdlAlterTableStructureStmt represents an ALTER TABLE statement which adds/drops columns or changes their datatype, implying that stored tuples may need to be reshaped.
DdlAnalyzeStmt DdlAnalyzeStmt is a Farrago statement for computing the statistics of a relational expression and storing them in repository.
DdlCheckpointStmt DdlCheckpointStmt represents a CHECKPOINT statement.
DdlCommitStmt DdlCommitStmt represents a COMMIT statement.
DdlCreateStmt DdlCreateStmt represents a DDL CREATE statement of any kind.
DdlDeallocateOldStmt DdlDeallocateOldStmt represents an ALTER SYSTEM DEALLOCATE OLD statement.
DdlDropLabelStmt DdlDropLabelStmt extends DdlDropStmt to remove obsolete label statistics.
DdlDropStmt DdlDropStmt represents a DDL DROP statement of any kind.
DdlExtendCatalogStmt DdlExtendCatalogStmt represents an ALTER SYSTEM ADD CATALOG JAR statement.
DdlGrantPrivStmt DdlGrantPrivStmt represents a DDL GRANT privileges statement.
DdlGrantRoleStmt DdlGrantRoleStmt represents a DDL GRANT ROLE statement.
DdlGrantStmt DdlGrantStmt represents a DDL GRANT statement.
DdlHandler DdlHandler is an abstract base for classes which provide implementations for the actions taken by DdlValidator on individual objects.
DdlImportForeignSchemaStmt DdlImportForeignSchemaStmt represents a DDL IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA statement.
DdlMedHandler DdlMedHandler defines DDL handler methods for SQL/MED objects.
DdlRebuildTableStmt DdlRebuildTableStmt represents an ALTER TABLE ...
DdlRelationalHandler DdlRelationalHandler defines DDL handler methods for standard relational objects such as schemas, tables, indexes, and views.
DdlReleaseSavepointStmt DdlReleaseSavepointStmt represents a RELEASE SAVEPOINT statement.
DdlReloadTableStmt DdlReloadTableStmt is an abstract base for statements which need to self-insert data from an existing table.
DdlReplaceCatalogStmt DdlReplaceCatalogStmt represents an ALTER SYSTEM REPLACE CATALOG statement.
DdlReplaceOptions DdlReplaceOptions contains attributes of a CREATE OR REPLACE statement.
DdlRollbackStmt DdlRollbackStmt represents a ROLLBACK statement.
DdlRoutineHandler DdlRoutineHandler defines DDL handler methods for user-defined routines and related objects such as types and jars.
DdlSavepointStmt DdlSavepointStmt represents a SAVEPOINT statement.
DdlSavepointTxnStmt DdlTxnStmt is a base for all statements which operate on a savepoint (e.g.
DdlSecurityHandler DdlSecurityHandler defines DDL handler methods for Fem Security objects of type User, Role.
DdlSetCatalogStmt DdlSetCatalogStmt represents the DDL statement SET CATALOG.
DdlSetContextStmt DdlSetContextStmt is an abstract base class for DDL statements (such as SET SCHEMA) which modify context variables.
DdlSetParamStmt DdlSetParamStmt provides a common base class for DDL that alters configuration values on repository objects.
DdlSetPathStmt DdlSetPathStmt represents a statement (SET PATH) that establishes a default SQL-path.
DdlSetSchemaStmt DdlSetSchemaStmt represents the DDL statement SET SCHEMA.
DdlSetSessionImplementationStmt DdlSetSessionImplementationStmt represents an ALTER SESSION {SET|ADD} IMPLEMENTATION LIBRARY statement.
DdlSetSessionParamStmt DdlSetSessionParamStmt represents the ALTER SESSION SET ...
DdlSetSystemParamStmt DdlSetSystemParamStmt represents the ALTER SYSTEM SET ...
DdlSqlj DdlSqlj contains the system-defined implementations for the standard SQLJ system procedures such as INSTALL_JAR.
DdlStmt DdlStmt represents the output of DDL statement parsing.
DdlTruncateStmt DdlTruncateStmt represents a DDL TRUNCATE statement of any kind.
DdlTxnStmt DdlTxnStmt is a base for all statements which control the transaction context (e.g.
DdlValidator DdlValidator validates the process of applying a DDL statement to the catalog.
DdlValidator.DeferredException DeferredException allows an exception's creation to be deferred.
DdlVisitor DdlVisitor implements the visitor pattern for DDL statements.

Enum Summary

Package net.sf.farrago.ddl Description

Defines classes representing Farrago DDL and control statements.

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