Package org.eigenbase.oj.stmt

Defines classes for preparation and execution of OpenJava SQL.


Interface Summary
PreparedResult PreparedResult represents the result of a call to OJPreparingStmt.prepareSql.

Class Summary
BoundMethod BoundMethod is a "thunk": a method which has already been bound to a particular object on which it should be invoked, together with the arguments which should be passed on invocation.
OJPreparingStmt OJPreparingStmt is an abstract base for classes which implement the process of preparing and executing SQL expressions by generating OpenJava code.
OJPreparingStmt.Argument An Argument supplies a name/value pair to a statement.
OJPreparingStmt.JavaRelFinder Walks a RelNode tree and determines if it contains any JavaRels.
PreparedExecution PreparedExecution is a PreparedResult of a statement for which Java code was generated by preparation.
PreparedExplanation PreparedExplanation is a PreparedResult for an EXPLAIN PLAN statement.

Package org.eigenbase.oj.stmt Description

Defines classes for preparation and execution of OpenJava SQL.


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