Package net.sf.farrago.fennel.tuple

This package provides a pure-Java version of the C++-based fennel Tuple Library.


Interface Summary
FennelStoredTypeDescriptor FennelStoredTypeDescriptor provides an abstraction to describe a type of data element supported by the tuple library.

Class Summary
FennelAttributeAccessor FennelAttributeAccessor defines how to efficiently unmarshal the value of an attribute from a stored tuple.
FennelAttributeAccessor.FennelBitAccessor marshalls a numeric bit
FennelAttributeAccessor.FennelByteAccessor marshalls a numeric byte (signed or unsigned)
FennelAttributeAccessor.FennelFixedWidthAccessor marshalls fixed-width byte arrays.
FennelAttributeAccessor.FennelIntAccessor marshalls a numeric int (signed or unsigned)
FennelAttributeAccessor.FennelLongAccessor marshalls a numeric long (signed or unsigned)
FennelAttributeAccessor.FennelShortAccessor marshalls a numeric short (signed or unsigned)
FennelAttributeAccessor.FennelVarWidthAccessor marshalls any variable width accessor, either first or subsequent.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor FennelStandardTypeDescriptor implements the FennelStandardTypeDescriptor enumerations as kept in fennel.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.FennelNumericType Abstract base class for all numeric types.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.FennelType Abstract base class for all types.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_BINARY Describes a fixed-width binary string.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_BOOL Describes a boolean.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_CHAR Describes a fixed-width character string.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_DOUBLE Describes a double.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_INT_16 Describes a signed short.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_INT_32 Describes a signed int.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_INT_64 Describes a signed long.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_INT_8 Describes a signed byte.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_REAL Describes a float.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_UINT_16 Describes an unsigned short.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_UINT_32 Describes an unsigned int.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_UINT_64 Describes an unsigned long.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_UINT_8 Describes an unsigned byte.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_UNICODE_CHAR Describes a fixed-width character string.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_UNICODE_VARCHAR Describes a variable-width UNICODE character string.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_VARBINARY Describes a variable-width binary array.
FennelStandardTypeDescriptor.Type_VARCHAR Describes a variable-width character string.
FennelTupleAccessor FennelTupleAccessor defines how to efficiently marshall and unmarshall values in a stored tuple.
FennelTupleAttributeDescriptor FennelTupleAttributeDescriptor holds metadata describing a particular entry in a tuple.
FennelTupleData FennelTupleData is an in-memory collection of independent data values, as explained in the fennel tuple design document.
FennelTupleDatum A FennelTupleDatum is a component of FennelTupleData; see the fennel tuple design document for more details.
FennelTupleDescriptor FennelTupleDescriptor provides the metadata describing a tuple.
FennelTupleResultSet FennelTupleResultSet provides an abstract java.sql.ResultSet based on tuples.

Package net.sf.farrago.fennel.tuple Description

This package provides a pure-Java version of the C++-based fennel Tuple Library.

NOTE jvs 2-Oct-2005: This package gets included in client-side code, so it must be source-compatible with JDK 1.4.


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