Package org.eigenbase.jmi

Provides classes for accessing JMI metadata.


Interface Summary
JmiDependencyTransform JmiDependencyTransform defines a transformation for use in constructing a JmiDependencyGraph.
JmiObjUtil.Namer Generates a name for a JMI element.
JmiPreparedQuery JmiPreparedQuery represents a prepared query returned by JmiQueryProcessor.
JmiQueryProcessor JmiQueryProcessor defines an interface for preparing and executing queries against JMI data.

Class Summary
JmiAssocEdge JmiAssocEdge represents an association in a JMI model.
JmiClassVertex JmiClassVertex represents a class in a JMI model.
JmiCorrespondence JmiCorrespondence keeps track of the correspondence between a "before" version of a set of objects and an "after" version of the same set.
JmiDependencyGraph JmiDependencyGraph is a directed graph representation of the dependencies spanning a set of JMI objects.
JmiDependencyIterator JmiDependencyIterator defines a topological ordering iterator over a JmiDependencyGraph (iteration proceeds from prerequisites to dependents).
JmiDependencyMappedTransform JmiDependencyMappedTransform implements JmiDependencyTransform by keeping a map from JmiAssocEdge to JmiAssocMapping.
JmiDependencyVertex JmiDependencyVertex represents a set of JMI objects grouped together as a node in a JmiDependencyGraph.
JmiInheritanceEdge JmiInheritanceEdge represents an inheritance relationship in a JMI model.
JmiModelGraph JmiModelGraph is a directed graph representation of a JMI model.
JmiModelView JmiModelView represents an annotated view of a JMI model.
JmiMofIdComparator JmiMofIdComparator implements the Comparator interface by comparing pairs of RefBaseObject instances according to their MOFID attribute.
JmiObjUtil Static JMI utilities.
JmiResourceMap JmiResourceMap allows resources to be associated with JMI classes, including support for inheritance from superclasses.

Enum Summary
JmiAssocMapping JmiAssocMapping enumerates the possible ways an association edge can be mapped when a JMI graph is being transformed.
JmiDeletionAction JmiDeletionAction enumerates the possible actions to take when a JmiDeletionRule applies.
JmiValidationAction Enumerates the possible actions taken during validation of a JmiChangeSet.

Exception Summary
JmiQueryException JmiQueryException specifies an exception thrown during JMI query processing.
JmiRestrictException JmiRestrictException is thrown when a change is made with the RESTRICT option and dependencies are encountered.
JmiUnvalidatedDependencyException Special exception to flag a reference to an unvalidated dependency.

Package org.eigenbase.jmi Description

Provides classes for accessing JMI metadata.


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