Package org.eigenbase.test

Eigenbase regression tests.


Interface Summary
DiffRepository.Filter Callback to filter strings before returning them.
SqlToRelTestBase.Tester Helper class which contains default implementations of methods used for running sql-to-rel conversion tests.
SqlValidatorTestCase.Tester Encapsulates differences between test environments, for example, which SQL parser or validator to use.

Class Summary
ConnectStringParserTest Unit test for JDBC connect string parser, ConnectStringParser.
DiffRepository A collection of resources used by tests.
DiffTestCase DiffTestCase is an abstract base for JUnit tests which produce multi-line output to be verified by diffing against a pre-existing reference file.
EigenbaseResourceTest Tests generated package org.eigenbase.resource (mostly a sanity check for resgen infrastructure).
ExclusivePipeTest Testcase for ExclusivePipe.
ExclusivePipeTest.Consumer Consumer thread reads words from a pipe, comparing with the list of expected words, until it has read all of the words it expects to see.
ExclusivePipeTest.Producer Producer thread writes a list of words into a pipe.
FilteratorTest Unit test for Filterator.
HepPlannerTest HepPlannerTest is a unit test for HepPlanner.
MockCatalogReader Mock implementation of SqlValidatorCatalogReader which returns tables "EMP", "DEPT", "BONUS", "SALGRADE" (same as Oracle's SCOTT schema).
MockCatalogReader.MockTable Mock implementation of SqlValidatorTable.
MockRelOptCost MockRelOptCost is a mock implementation of the RelOptCost interface.
MockRelOptPlanner MockRelOptPlanner is a mock implementation of the RelOptPlanner interface.
MockSqlOperatorTable Mock operator table for testing purposes.
PersistentPropertyTest PersistentPropertyTest tests persistent properties using temporary files.
PropertyTest Unit test for properties system (TriggerableProperties, IntegerProperty and the like).
RelMetadataTest Unit test for DefaultRelMetadataProvider.
RelOptRulesTest Unit test for rules in org.eigenbase.rel and subpackages.
RelOptTestBase RelOptTestBase is an abstract base for tests which exercise a planner and/or rules via DiffRepository.
RexTransformerTest Tests transformations on rex nodes.
SargTest SargTest tests the org.eigenbase.sarg class library.
SqlLimitsTest Unit test for SQL limits.
SqlTestGen Utility to generate a SQL script from validator test.
SqlTestGen.SqlValidatorSpooler Subversive subclass, which spools restuls to a writer rather than running tests.
SqlToRelConverterTest Unit test for SqlToRelConverter.
SqlToRelConverterTest.RelValidityChecker Visitor that checks that every RelNode in a tree is valid.
SqlToRelTestBase SqlToRelTestBase is an abstract base for tests which involve conversion from SQL to relational algebra.
SqlToRelTestBase.MockRelOptConnection Mock implementation of RelOptConnection, contains a SqlToRelTestBase.MockRelOptSchema.
SqlToRelTestBase.MockRelOptSchema Mock implementation of RelOptSchema.
SqlToRelTestBase.TesterImpl Default implementation of SqlToRelTestBase.Tester, using mock classes SqlToRelTestBase.MockRelOptSchema, SqlToRelTestBase.MockRelOptConnection and MockRelOptPlanner.
SqlValidatorFeatureTest SqlValidatorFeatureTest verifies that features can be independently enabled or disabled.
SqlValidatorTest Concrete child class of SqlValidatorTestCase, containing lots of unit tests.
SqlValidatorTestCase An abstract base class for implementing tests against SqlValidator.
SqlValidatorTestCase.TesterImpl Implementation of SqlValidatorTestCase.Tester which talks to a mock catalog.
ThreadIteratorTest Test for ThreadIterator.

Enum Summary

Package org.eigenbase.test Description

Eigenbase regression tests.


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