Class SqlTimeLiteral

  extended by org.eigenbase.sql.SqlNode
      extended by org.eigenbase.sql.SqlLiteral
          extended by org.eigenbase.sql.SqlAbstractDateTimeLiteral
              extended by org.eigenbase.sql.SqlTimeLiteral
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SqlTimeLiteral
extends SqlAbstractDateTimeLiteral

A SQL literal representing a TIME value, for example TIME '14:33:44.567'.

Create values using SqlLiteral.createTime(java.util.Calendar, int, org.eigenbase.sql.parser.SqlParserPos).

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.eigenbase.sql.SqlAbstractDateTimeLiteral
formatString, hasTimeZone, precision
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Constructor Summary
SqlTimeLiteral(Calendar t, int precision, boolean hasTZ, SqlParserPos pos)
SqlTimeLiteral(Calendar t, int precision, boolean hasTZ, String format, SqlParserPos pos)
Method Summary
 SqlNode clone(SqlParserPos pos)
          Clones a SqlNode with a different position.
 String toFormattedString()
          Returns e.g.
 String toString()
          Returns e.g.
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createSqlType, getCal, getDate, getPrec, getTime, getTimestamp, getTimeZone, toValue, unparse
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accept, bigDecimalValue, booleanValue, createApproxNumeric, createBinaryString, createBinaryString, createBoolean, createCharString, createCharString, createDate, createExactNumeric, createInterval, createNegative, createNull, createSample, createSymbol, createTime, createTimestamp, createUnknown, equals, equalsDeep, getKind, getMonotonicity, getStringValue, getTypeName, getValue, hashCode, intValue, longValue, sampleValue, stringValue, symbolValue, unescapeUnicode, validate, valueMatchesType
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Constructor Detail


SqlTimeLiteral(Calendar t,
               int precision,
               boolean hasTZ,
               SqlParserPos pos)


SqlTimeLiteral(Calendar t,
               int precision,
               boolean hasTZ,
               String format,
               SqlParserPos pos)
Method Detail


public SqlNode clone(SqlParserPos pos)
Description copied from class: SqlNode
Clones a SqlNode with a different position.

clone in class SqlLiteral


public String toString()
Description copied from class: SqlAbstractDateTimeLiteral
Returns e.g. DATE '1969-07-21'.

Specified by:
toString in class SqlAbstractDateTimeLiteral


public String toFormattedString()
Returns e.g. '03:05:67.456'.

Specified by:
toFormattedString in class SqlAbstractDateTimeLiteral