Interface SqlLiteral.SqlSymbol

All Known Implementing Classes:
SqlBetweenOperator.Flag, SqlExplain.Depth, SqlExplainLevel, SqlInsertKeyword, SqlIntervalQualifier.TimeUnit, SqlJoinOperator.ConditionType, SqlJoinOperator.JoinType, SqlSelectKeyword, SqlTrimFunction.Flag, SqlWindowOperator.Bound
Enclosing class:

public static interface SqlLiteral.SqlSymbol

A value must implement this interface if it is to be embedded as a SqlLiteral of type SYMBOL. If the class is an Enum it trivially implements this interface.

The SqlNode.toString() method should return how the symbol should be unparsed, which is sometimes not the same as the enumerated value's name (e.g. "UNBOUNDED PRECEDING" versus "UnboundedPreceeding").

Method Summary
 String name()
 int ordinal()

Method Detail


String name()


int ordinal()