Class SqlInsertKeyword

  extended by org.eigenbase.util14.Enum14.BasicValue
      extended by org.eigenbase.sql.SqlInsertKeyword
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable, SqlLiteral.SqlSymbol, Enum14.Value

public class SqlInsertKeyword
extends Enum14.BasicValue
implements SqlLiteral.SqlSymbol

Defines the keywords which can occur immediately after the "INSERT" keyword. Standard SQL has no such keywords. This enumeration exists only to allow extension projects to define them.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static EnumeratedValues enumeration
Constructor Summary
protected SqlInsertKeyword(String name, int ordinal)
Method Summary
 String name()
 int ordinal()
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Field Detail


public static final EnumeratedValues enumeration
Constructor Detail


protected SqlInsertKeyword(String name,
                           int ordinal)
Method Detail


public String name()
Specified by:
name in interface SqlLiteral.SqlSymbol


public int ordinal()
Specified by:
ordinal in interface SqlLiteral.SqlSymbol