Interface CwmUnionMember

All Superinterfaces:
CwmAttribute, CwmElement, CwmFeature, CwmModelElement, CwmStructuralFeature, RefBaseObject, RefFeatured, RefObject
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public interface CwmUnionMember
extends CwmAttribute

UnionMember object instance interface. UnionMembers are described as features of a Union and each represents one of the members of a Union. Note, however, that multiple case values can map to a single UnionMember. If isDefault is true, the union member is the default member. UnionMember instances are allowed to have a memberCase and be the default case. UnionMember instances often represent structured storage areas. A particular UnionMember may be associated with a Classifier that describes its internal structure via the StructuralFeatureType association (defined in the ObjectModel::Core package). For example, the Record::Group class, itself a Classifier, can be used as the type of a UnionMember in a manner completely analogous to how it is used to describe the type of a structured field (see the instance diagrams in the Record metamodel chapter for details).

Note: This type should not be subclassed, implemented or directly instantiated by clients. It is generated from a MOF metamodel and implemented by Enki or MDR.

Method Summary
 CwmExpression getMemberCase()
          Returns the value of attribute memberCase.
 boolean isDefault()
          Returns the value of attribute isDefault.
 void setDefault(boolean newValue)
          Sets the value of isDefault attribute.
 void setMemberCase(CwmExpression newValue)
          Sets the value of memberCase attribute.
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Method Detail


CwmExpression getMemberCase()
Returns the value of attribute memberCase. Contains the value of the Union?s discriminator for this UnionMember.

Value of attribute memberCase.


void setMemberCase(CwmExpression newValue)
Sets the value of memberCase attribute. See getMemberCase() for description on the attribute.

newValue - New value to be set.


boolean isDefault()
Returns the value of attribute isDefault. Indicates if this UnionMember is the default member of the Union (implying that when unstated, the Union?s discriminator would assume this instance?s memberCase value).

Value of attribute isDefault.


void setDefault(boolean newValue)
Sets the value of isDefault attribute. See isDefault() for description on the attribute.

newValue - New value to be set.