Interface CwmEnumeration

All Superinterfaces:
CwmClassifier, CwmDataType, CwmElement, CwmModelElement, CwmNamespace, RefBaseObject, RefFeatured, RefObject
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public interface CwmEnumeration
extends CwmDataType

Enumeration object instance interface. The Enumeration class is intended as a starting point from which enumerated data types can be created. An enumerated data type is a collection of identifiers often used as the permitted states that some other attribute or property of the enumerated type may take. The isOrdered attribute of an Enumeration instance is used to determine if the ordered constraint on the EnumerationLiterals association is relevant for the enumeration. The particular ordering of EnumerationLiteral instances is obtained from the ordered constraint on the association even if the value attributes of the EnumerationLiteral instances contain non-null values that might be used to determine ordering. This is done to provide more flexible ordering semantics. An instance of Enumeration is also required to create a range data type. Refer to the EnumerationLiteral class for details.

Note: This type should not be subclassed, implemented or directly instantiated by clients. It is generated from a MOF metamodel and implemented by Enki or MDR.

Method Summary
 Collection<CwmEnumerationLiteral> getLiteral()
          Returns the value of reference literal.
 boolean isOrdered()
          Returns the value of attribute isOrdered.
 void setOrdered(boolean newValue)
          Sets the value of isOrdered attribute.
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Method Detail


boolean isOrdered()
Returns the value of attribute isOrdered. If True, the ordered constraint on the EnumerationLiterals association is relevant. Otherwise, the ordering of EnumerationLiteral instances is considered unspecified.

Value of attribute isOrdered.


void setOrdered(boolean newValue)
Sets the value of isOrdered attribute. See isOrdered() for description on the attribute.

newValue - New value to be set.


Collection<CwmEnumerationLiteral> getLiteral()
Returns the value of reference literal.

Value of reference literal. Element type: CwmEnumerationLiteral