Interface CwmClassifier

All Superinterfaces:
CwmElement, CwmModelElement, CwmNamespace, RefBaseObject, RefFeatured, RefObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
CwmClass, CwmColumnSet, CwmDataType, CwmEnumeration, CwmInterface, CwmNamedColumnSet, CwmQueryColumnSet, CwmSqldataType, CwmSqldistinctType, CwmSqlsimpleType, CwmSqlstructuredType, CwmSubsystem, CwmTable, CwmTypeAlias, CwmUnion, CwmView, FemAbstractColumnSet, FemBaseColumnSet, FemForeignTable, FemLocalTable, FemLocalView, FemRoutine, FemSqlarrayType, FemSqlcollectionType, FemSqldistinguishedType, FemSqlmultisetType, FemSqlobjectType, FemSqlrowType, FemStoredTable, FemUserDefinedType
All Known Implementing Classes:
CwmClass$Hib, CwmColumnSet$Hib, CwmDataType$Hib, CwmEnumeration$Hib, CwmInterface$Hib, CwmNamedColumnSet$Hib, CwmQueryColumnSet$Hib, CwmSqldistinctType$Hib, CwmSqlsimpleType$Hib, CwmSqlstructuredType$Hib, CwmSubsystem$Hib, CwmTable$Hib, CwmTypeAlias$Hib, CwmUnion$Hib, CwmView$Hib, FemForeignTable$Hib, FemLocalTable$Hib, FemLocalView$Hib, FemRoutine$Hib, FemSqlarrayType$Hib, FemSqldistinguishedType$Hib, FemSqlmultisetType$Hib, FemSqlobjectType$Hib, FemSqlrowType$Hib, FemUserDefinedType$Hib

public interface CwmClassifier
extends CwmNamespace

Classifier object instance interface. A classifier is an element that describes structural and behavioral features; it comes in several specific forms, including class, data type, interface, component, and others that are defined in other metamodel packages. Classifier is often used as a type. In the metamodel, a Classifier may declare a collection of Features, such as Attributes, Operations and Methods. It has a name, which is unique in the Namespace enclosing the Classifier. Classifier is an abstract metaclass. Classifier is a child of Namespace. As a Namespace, a Classifier may declare other Classifiers nested in its scope. Nested Classifiers may be accessed by other Classifiers only if the nested Classifiers have adequate visibility. There are no data value or state consequences of nested Classifiers, i.e., it is not an aggregation or composition.

Note: This type should not be subclassed, implemented or directly instantiated by clients. It is generated from a MOF metamodel and implemented by Enki or MDR.

Method Summary
 List<CwmFeature> getFeature()
          Returns the value of reference feature.
 boolean isAbstract()
          Returns the value of attribute isAbstract.
 void setAbstract(boolean newValue)
          Sets the value of isAbstract attribute.
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Method Detail


boolean isAbstract()
Returns the value of attribute isAbstract. An abstract Classifier is not instantiable.

Value of attribute isAbstract.


void setAbstract(boolean newValue)
Sets the value of isAbstract attribute. See isAbstract() for description on the attribute.

newValue - New value to be set.


List<CwmFeature> getFeature()
Returns the value of reference feature.

Value of reference feature. Element type: CwmFeature