Class CwmNamespaceClass$Hib

  extended by org.eigenbase.enki.jmi.impl.RefBaseObjectBase
      extended by org.eigenbase.enki.jmi.impl.RefFeaturedBase
          extended by org.eigenbase.enki.jmi.impl.RefClassBase
              extended by org.eigenbase.enki.hibernate.jmi.HibernateRefClass
                  extended by net.sf.farrago.cwm.core.CwmNamespaceClass$Hib
All Implemented Interfaces:
RefBaseObject, RefClass, RefFeatured, CwmNamespaceClass

public class CwmNamespaceClass$Hib
extends HibernateRefClass
implements CwmNamespaceClass

Namespace class proxy implementation. A namespace is a part of a model that contains a set of ModelElements each of whose names designates a unique element within the namespace. In the metamodel, a Namespace is a ModelElement that can own other ModelElements, such as Classifiers. The name of each owned ModelElement must be unique within the Namespace. Moreover, each contained ModelElement is owned by at most one Namespace. The concrete subclasses of Namespace may have additional constraints on which kind of elements may be contained. Namespace is an abstract metaclass. Note that explicit parts of a model element, such as the features of a Classifier, are not modeled as owned elements in a namespace. A namespace is used for unstructured contents such as the contents of a package, or a class declared inside the scope of another class.

Note: This type should not be subclassed, implemented or directly instantiated by clients. It is generated from a MOF metamodel and implemented by Enki or MDR.

Field Summary
private static String _id
private static String _queryCacheRegion
private static String _table
Constructor Summary
CwmNamespaceClass$Hib(RefPackage container)
Method Summary
protected  void checkConstraints(List<JmiException> errors, boolean deepVerify)
 String getAssociationColumnName(String type, boolean firstEnd)
 Collection<String> getAssociationColumnNames()
 String getClassIdentifier()
 String getQueryCacheRegion()
 String getTable()
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Field Detail


private static final String _id
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private static final String _queryCacheRegion
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private static final String _table
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Constructor Detail


public CwmNamespaceClass$Hib(RefPackage container)
Method Detail


protected void checkConstraints(List<JmiException> errors,
                                boolean deepVerify)
Specified by:
checkConstraints in class RefBaseObjectBase


public String getClassIdentifier()
Specified by:
getClassIdentifier in class HibernateRefClass


public String getTable()
Specified by:
getTable in class HibernateRefClass


public String getQueryCacheRegion()
Specified by:
getQueryCacheRegion in class HibernateRefClass


public String getAssociationColumnName(String type,
                                       boolean firstEnd)
Specified by:
getAssociationColumnName in class HibernateRefClass


public Collection<String> getAssociationColumnNames()
Specified by:
getAssociationColumnNames in class HibernateRefClass