Class CommonRelSubExprRule

  extended by org.eigenbase.relopt.RelOptRule
      extended by org.eigenbase.relopt.CommonRelSubExprRule
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class CommonRelSubExprRule
extends RelOptRule

A CommonRelSubExprRule is an abstract base class for rules that are fired only on relational expressions that appear more than once in a query tree.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.eigenbase.relopt.RelOptRule
ANY, description, operands
Constructor Summary
CommonRelSubExprRule(RelOptRuleOperand operand)
          Creates a CommonRelSubExprRule.
Method Summary
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convert, equals, equals, getOperand, getOperands, getOutConvention, getOutTrait, guessDescription, hashCode, matches, mergeTraitsAndConvert, mergeTraitsAndConvert, onMatch, toString
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Constructor Detail


public CommonRelSubExprRule(RelOptRuleOperand operand)
Creates a CommonRelSubExprRule.

operand - root operand, must not be null
operand != null