Class IteratorToFennelConverter.IteratorToFennelPullRule

  extended by org.eigenbase.relopt.RelOptRule
      extended by org.eigenbase.rel.convert.ConverterRule
          extended by net.sf.farrago.query.IteratorToFennelConverter.IteratorToFennelPullRule
Enclosing class:

private static class IteratorToFennelConverter.IteratorToFennelPullRule
extends ConverterRule

Rule which converts a RelNode of Fennel calling convention to iterator calling convention by adding a IteratorToFennelConverter.

Field Summary
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ANY, description, operands
Constructor Summary
private IteratorToFennelConverter.IteratorToFennelPullRule()
Method Summary
 RelNode convert(RelNode rel)
 boolean isGuaranteed()
          Returns true if this rule can convert any relational expression of the input convention.
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Constructor Detail


private IteratorToFennelConverter.IteratorToFennelPullRule()
Method Detail


public RelNode convert(RelNode rel)
Specified by:
convert in class ConverterRule


public boolean isGuaranteed()
Description copied from class: ConverterRule
Returns true if this rule can convert any relational expression of the input convention.

The union-to-java converter, for example, is not guaranteed, because it only works on unions.

isGuaranteed in class ConverterRule