Interface CwmDataValue

All Superinterfaces:
CwmElement, CwmInstance, CwmModelElement, RefBaseObject, RefFeatured, RefObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
CwmColumnValue$Hib, CwmDataValue$Hib

public interface CwmDataValue
extends CwmInstance

DataValue object instance interface. A data value is an instance with no identity. In the metamodel, DataValue is a child of Instance that cannot change its state, i.e. all operations that are applicable to it are pure functions or queries that do not cause any side effects. DataValues are typically used as attribute values. Since it is not possible to differentiate between two data values that appear to be the same, it becomes more of a philosophical issue whether there are several data values representing the same value or just one for each value. In addition, a data value cannot change its data type and it does not have contained instances.

Note: This type should not be subclassed, implemented or directly instantiated by clients. It is generated from a MOF metamodel and implemented by Enki or MDR.

Method Summary
 String getValue()
          Returns the value of attribute value.
 void setValue(String newValue)
          Sets the value of value attribute.
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Method Detail


String getValue()
Returns the value of attribute value. A string representation of the value.

Value of attribute value.


void setValue(String newValue)
Sets the value of value attribute. See getValue() for description on the attribute.

newValue - New value to be set.