Class BehavioralPackage$Hib

  extended by org.eigenbase.enki.jmi.impl.RefBaseObjectBase
      extended by org.eigenbase.enki.jmi.impl.RefPackageBase
          extended by org.eigenbase.enki.hibernate.jmi.HibernateRefPackage
              extended by net.sf.farrago.cwm.behavioral.BehavioralPackage$Hib
All Implemented Interfaces:
RefBaseObject, RefPackage, BehavioralPackage

public class BehavioralPackage$Hib
extends HibernateRefPackage
implements BehavioralPackage

Behavioral package implementation. The Behavioral metamodel depends on the following package: org.omg::CWM::ObjectModel::Core The Behavioral metamodel collects together classes and associations that describe the behavior of CWM types and provides a foundation for recording the invocations of defined behaviors. The elements of the Behavioral metamodel are shown in the following figure. OCL Representation of Behavioral Constraints Operations The operation hasSameSignature checks if the argument has the same signature as the instance itself. hasSameSignature ( b : BehavioralFeature ) : Boolean; hasSameSignature (b) = ( = and (self.parameter->size = b.parameter->size) and Sequence{ 1..(self.parameter->size) }->forAll( index : Integer | b.parameter->at(index).type = self.parameter->at(index).type and b.parameter->at(index).kind = self.parameter->at(index).kind ) The operation allOperations results in a Set containing all Operations of the Classifier itself and all its inherited Operations. allOperations : Set(Operation); allOperations = self.allFeatures->select(f | f.ockIsKindOf(Operations)) The operation allMethods results in a Set containing all Methods of the Classifier itself and all its inherited Methods. allOperations : Set(Method); allMethods = self.allFeatures->select(f | f.ockIsKindOf(Method)) Constraints [C-4-1] All Parameters should have a unique name. context BehavioralFeature inv: self.parameter->forAll(p1, p2 | = implies p1 = p2) [C-4-2] The type of the Parameters should be included in the Namespace of the Classifier. context BehavioralFeature inv: self.parameter->forAll( p | self.owner.namespace.allContents->includes (p.type) ) [C-4-3] The number of arguments must be the same as the number of parameters of the Operation. context CallAction inv: self.actualArgument->size = self.operation.parameter->size [C-4-4] An Interface can only contain Operations. context Interface inv: self.allFeatures->forAll( f | f.oclIsKindOf( Operation ) ) [C-4-5] An Interface cannot contain any ModelElements. context Interface inv: self.allContents->isEmpty [C-4-6] All Features defined in an Interface are public. context Interface inv: self.allFeatures->forAll( f | f.visibility = #public ) [C-4-7] If the realized Operation is a query, then so is the Method. context Method inv: self.specification->isQuery implies self.isQuery

Note: This type should not be subclassed, implemented or directly instantiated by clients. It is generated from a MOF metamodel and implemented by Enki or MDR.

Field Summary
private  BehavioralFeatureParameter behavioralFeatureParameter
private  CallArguments callArguments
private  CalledOperation calledOperation
private  CwmArgumentClass cwmArgumentClass
private  CwmBehavioralFeatureClass cwmBehavioralFeatureClass
private  CwmCallActionClass cwmCallActionClass
private  CwmEventClass cwmEventClass
private  CwmInterfaceClass cwmInterfaceClass
private  CwmMethodClass cwmMethodClass
private  CwmOperationClass cwmOperationClass
private  CwmParameterClass cwmParameterClass
private  EventParameter eventParameter
private  OperationMethod operationMethod
private  ParameterType parameterType
Constructor Summary
BehavioralPackage$Hib(RefPackage container)
Method Summary
 void addAliasPackages()
protected  void checkConstraints(List<JmiException> errors, boolean deepVerify)
 BehavioralFeatureParameter getBehavioralFeatureParameter()
          Returns BehavioralFeatureParameter association proxy object.
 CallArguments getCallArguments()
          Returns CallArguments association proxy object.
 CalledOperation getCalledOperation()
          Returns CalledOperation association proxy object.
 CwmArgumentClass getCwmArgument()
          Returns CwmArgument class proxy object.
 CwmBehavioralFeatureClass getCwmBehavioralFeature()
          Returns CwmBehavioralFeature class proxy object.
 CwmCallActionClass getCwmCallAction()
          Returns CwmCallAction class proxy object.
 CwmEventClass getCwmEvent()
          Returns CwmEvent class proxy object.
 CwmInterfaceClass getCwmInterface()
          Returns CwmInterface class proxy object.
 CwmMethodClass getCwmMethod()
          Returns CwmMethod class proxy object.
 CwmOperationClass getCwmOperation()
          Returns CwmOperation class proxy object.
 CwmParameterClass getCwmParameter()
          Returns CwmParameter class proxy object.
 EventParameter getEventParameter()
          Returns EventParameter association proxy object.
 OperationMethod getOperationMethod()
          Returns OperationMethod association proxy object.
 ParameterType getParameterType()
          Returns ParameterType association proxy object.
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Field Detail


private final CwmArgumentClass cwmArgumentClass


private final CwmBehavioralFeatureClass cwmBehavioralFeatureClass


private final CwmCallActionClass cwmCallActionClass


private final CwmEventClass cwmEventClass


private final CwmInterfaceClass cwmInterfaceClass


private final CwmMethodClass cwmMethodClass


private final CwmOperationClass cwmOperationClass


private final CwmParameterClass cwmParameterClass


private final BehavioralFeatureParameter behavioralFeatureParameter


private final CallArguments callArguments


private final EventParameter eventParameter


private final CalledOperation calledOperation


private final OperationMethod operationMethod


private final ParameterType parameterType
Constructor Detail


public BehavioralPackage$Hib(RefPackage container)
Method Detail


public void addAliasPackages()
addAliasPackages in class RefPackageBase


public CwmArgumentClass getCwmArgument()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmArgument class proxy object. Argument is an expression describing how to determine an actual value passed in a CallAction. In the metamodel an Argument is a composite part of a CallAction and contains a meta-attribute, value, of type Expression. It states how the actual argument is determined when the owning CallAction is executed.

Specified by:
getCwmArgument in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmArgument class proxy object.


public CwmBehavioralFeatureClass getCwmBehavioralFeature()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmBehavioralFeature class proxy object. A behavioral feature refers to a dynamic feature of a model element, such as an operation or method. In the metamodel, BehavioralFeature specifies a behavioral aspect of a Classifier. All different kinds of behavioral aspects of a Classifier, such as Operation and Method, are subclasses of BehavioralFeature. BehavioralFeature is an abstract metaclass.

Specified by:
getCwmBehavioralFeature in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmBehavioralFeature class proxy object.


public CwmCallActionClass getCwmCallAction()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmCallAction class proxy object. A call action is an action resulting in an invocation of an operation. The purpose of a CallAction is to identify the actual Arguments used in a specific invocation of an Operation.

Specified by:
getCwmCallAction in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmCallAction class proxy object.


public CwmEventClass getCwmEvent()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmEvent class proxy object. Event is a specification of an observable occurrence. The occurrence that generates an event instance is assumed to take place at an instant in time.

Specified by:
getCwmEvent in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmEvent class proxy object.


public CwmInterfaceClass getCwmInterface()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmInterface class proxy object. Interface is a named set of operations that specify the behavior of an element. In the metamodel, an Interface contains a set of Operations that together define a service offered by a Classifier realizing the Interface. A Classifier may offer several services, which means that it may realize several Interfaces, and several Classifiers may realize the same Interface.

Specified by:
getCwmInterface in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmInterface class proxy object.


public CwmMethodClass getCwmMethod()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmMethod class proxy object. Method is the implementation of an Operation. It specifies the algorithm or procedure that effects the results of an Operation.

Specified by:
getCwmMethod in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmMethod class proxy object.


public CwmOperationClass getCwmOperation()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmOperation class proxy object. Operation is a service that can be requested from an object to effect behavior. An Operation has a signature, which describes the parameters that are possible (including possible return values). In the metamodel, an Operation is a BehavioralFeature that can be applied to instances of the Classifier that contains the Operation. Operation is the specification, while Method is the implementation.

Specified by:
getCwmOperation in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmOperation class proxy object.


public CwmParameterClass getCwmParameter()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CwmParameter class proxy object. Parameters are used in the specification of operations, methods and events. A Parameter may include a name, type, and direction of communication.

Specified by:
getCwmParameter in interface BehavioralPackage
CwmParameter class proxy object.


public BehavioralFeatureParameter getBehavioralFeatureParameter()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns BehavioralFeatureParameter association proxy object. The BehavioralFeatureParameter association identifies and orders Parameter instances describing the parameters of a BehavioralFeature. Parameters may be owned by at most one BehavioralFeature instance. The set of parameters of a BehavioralFeature, together with its name and return value, are said to constitute the BehavioralFeature?s "signature".

Specified by:
getBehavioralFeatureParameter in interface BehavioralPackage
BehavioralFeatureParameter association proxy object.


public CallArguments getCallArguments()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CallArguments association proxy object. Identifies the Argument instances representing the actual argument values passed to an Operation during the particular invocation indicated by the CallAction instance. The ordering of actual argument values is assumed to correspond to the ordering of the Operation?s parameters as represented by the ordering of the BehavioralFeatureParameter association.

Specified by:
getCallArguments in interface BehavioralPackage
CallArguments association proxy object.


public EventParameter getEventParameter()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns EventParameter association proxy object. The EventParameter association identifies the set of Parameter instances owned by an Event instance.

Specified by:
getEventParameter in interface BehavioralPackage
EventParameter association proxy object.


public CalledOperation getCalledOperation()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns CalledOperation association proxy object. The CalledOperation association identifies the CallAction instance representing a particular invocation of an Operation.

Specified by:
getCalledOperation in interface BehavioralPackage
CalledOperation association proxy object.


public OperationMethod getOperationMethod()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns OperationMethod association proxy object. The OperationMethod association links an Operation with the Method instance(s) that realize it. The various Method instances represent alternative implementations (usually in different programming languages or environments) of the Operation.

Specified by:
getOperationMethod in interface BehavioralPackage
OperationMethod association proxy object.


public ParameterType getParameterType()
Description copied from interface: BehavioralPackage
Returns ParameterType association proxy object. The ParameterType association links a Parameter instance with the Classifier that defines the parameter?s type.

Specified by:
getParameterType in interface BehavioralPackage
ParameterType association proxy object.


protected void checkConstraints(List<JmiException> errors,
                                boolean deepVerify)
Specified by:
checkConstraints in class RefBaseObjectBase