Class LcsTable

  extended by org.eigenbase.relopt.RelOptAbstractTable
      extended by net.sf.farrago.namespace.impl.MedAbstractColumnSet
          extended by com.lucidera.lcs.LcsTable
All Implemented Interfaces:
FarragoMedColumnSet, FarragoQueryColumnSet, RelOptTable, SqlValidatorTable

public class LcsTable
extends MedAbstractColumnSet

An implementation of RelOptTable for accessing data in a LucidDB column-store.

$Id: //open/dev/farrago/src/com/lucidera/lcs/ $
John V. Sichi

Nested Class Summary
private static class LcsTable.ClusterComparator
          Comparator that sorts clusters by cluster name.
Field Summary
private  List<FemLocalIndex> clusteredIndexes
private  LcsIndexGuide indexGuide
          Helper class to manipulate the cluster indexes.
Fields inherited from class org.eigenbase.relopt.RelOptAbstractTable
name, rowType, schema
Constructor Summary
LcsTable(String[] localName, RelDataType rowType, Properties tableProps, Map<String,Properties> columnPropMap)
Method Summary
 List<FemLocalIndex> getClusteredIndexes()
 LcsIndexGuide getIndexGuide()
 RelNode toRel(RelOptCluster cluster, RelOptConnection connection)
          Converts this table into a relational expression.
Methods inherited from class net.sf.farrago.namespace.impl.MedAbstractColumnSet
getAllowedAccess, getColumnPropertyMap, getCwmColumnSet, getForeignName, getLocalName, getMonotonicity, getPreparingStmt, getQualifiedName, getTableProperties, setAllowedAccess, setCwmColumnSet, setPreparingStmt, toLenientRel, toUdxRel
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getCollationList, getName, getRelOptSchema, getRowCount, getRowType, setRowType
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getCollationList, getRelOptSchema, getRowCount, getRowType
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Field Detail


private LcsIndexGuide indexGuide
Helper class to manipulate the cluster indexes.


private List<FemLocalIndex> clusteredIndexes
Constructor Detail


LcsTable(String[] localName,
         RelDataType rowType,
         Properties tableProps,
         Map<String,Properties> columnPropMap)
Method Detail


public RelNode toRel(RelOptCluster cluster,
                     RelOptConnection connection)
Description copied from interface: RelOptTable
Converts this table into a relational expression.

The planner calls this method to convert a table into an initial relational expression, generally something abstract, such as a TableAccessRel, then optimizes this expression by applying rules to transform it into more efficient access methods for this table.

cluster - the cluster the relational expression will belong to
connection - the parse tree of the expression which evaluates to a connection object


public LcsIndexGuide getIndexGuide()


public List<FemLocalIndex> getClusteredIndexes()