Welcome To The Farrago Project

Farrago is an extensible open-source platform for constructing enterprise-class RDBMS services. SQL has become the "intergalactic dataspeak" of the computer world, and Farrago provides a fast track to creating systems with advanced SQL capabilities.

By itself, Farrago is not an end-user product like MySQL or PostgreSQL; instead, it provides a standards-based pluggable architecture, component library, and toolset for developers of other projects which specialize it. The architecture involves an innovative hybrid of Java, C++, and UML frameworks. For more information on how Farrago is being developed, see the Project Roadmap.


Farrago is open-source software licensed under the GNU GPL.


Release 0.9 is now available, and is robust enough to serve as the basis for LucidDB, which plugs high-performance data warehousing capabilities into Farrago. A number of other extension projects are also under development by companies building on the framework.

The current status page provides details on the availabily of various framework features.

To browse recent checkins, see p4web.


If you downloaded a binary release, see the README file for installation instructions.

Downloads and Contributions

The Eigenbase download page lists the available packages and where to download them. You can also access the source control system directly as explained in the getting started docs link above. You might also want to join the developer mailing list.


The project is hosted at SourceForge under the auspices of The Eigenbase Project.

The source code is hosted in the Eigenbase Perforce server. A big thanks to Perforce for providing us with a free-as-in-beer license. Likewise JIRA for issue tracking from Atlassian, and yWorks for nifty class diagrams in Javadoc.

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